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TV SDF-1 Macross 1/1600 (1/2400)


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Looking awesome! I second that; the color looks great! What did you use? - MT

Thanks! :D

the color i used is: 6 parts Signal Blue and 4 parts USAF Light Grey


and i gave it 2 coats

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Outstanding work so far!

Love that colour of blue, will shamelessly appropriate!

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I really like the number bay, did you use some decals? Or you have just painted them?

i had alot of left over No. decals from previous macross models...

(use whatever you got!) ;)

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so the ship itself is pretty much done now... :o

very few tweaks left to do, some weathering still needed in some areas...

also the various guns still need to be finished and added... :rolleyes:

so now its the city's turn for some much needed love, and ill try and incorporate as much as i can,

as seen in SDFM TV, also trying to get the sense of scale to be felt :D

post-14728-0-41725500-1463042602_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-44977300-1463042606_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-72969800-1463042609_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-84080400-1463042612_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-72167000-1463042615_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-84197000-1463042618_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-75364500-1463042621_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-87649300-1463042624_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-89820800-1463042641_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-05629700-1463042644_thumb.jpg


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some more pictures! ;)

made a "shoulder" hangar (not finished yet) so it can be displayed without the docked ships...

also pretty much settled on the appearance of the large guns...

post-14728-0-46776300-1463072891_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-45381500-1463072893_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-71528000-1463072894_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-25895000-1463072896_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-55209600-1463072897_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-89400700-1463072898_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-20079200-1463072900_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-47414400-1463072901_thumb.jpg


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Ok "Flash", now you're just showing off...shoulder hangar indeed :lol:! On the level though, this is some seriously impressive work done @ a rate I still can't comprehend!...It's like BW & HG kissed and made up, decided to fast track a live action movie together, hired you to create long shot miniatures, and MechTech to do the up close working/functioning Daedalus shots (as long as Kicker773 allowed his model to be commissioned for the film)!

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