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TV SDF-1 Macross 1/1600 (1/2400)


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A tutorial to make thrusters!

first dryfit the parts and cut away what is in excess (there will be some excess depending on paper thickness)


Glue the two parts together like this:

post-14728-0-91518600-1432154012_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-94738700-1432154014_thumb.jpg

add glue to the rest of it, and fit them together:

post-14728-0-97819500-1432154016_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-88551600-1432154018_thumb.jpg

bend down glue flaps, and add glue to the inside:

post-14728-0-04709900-1432154021_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-93250900-1432154022_thumb.jpg

and add the bottom, pressing it down with a pensil or the like.

post-14728-0-81411100-1432154024_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-52376800-1432154027_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-42122700-1432154029_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-19152700-1432154040_thumb.jpg


also made some more details to one of the main thrusters

post-14728-0-15077700-1432154045_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-20956200-1432154047_thumb.jpg

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Hey - where can I get a hold of syringes like that? I need syringes with large needles like that for applying different substances.

i would suggest you search on Amazon for Industrial Syringes with Blunt Tip Needle

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So are you using styrene now and not paper for some of the bridge?

well i decided early on that i wouldn't limit my self to paper....

paper is great for alot, so is styrene... so whichever works best for any given task, i use! B))

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You, sir, have an incredible amount of patience! That is turning out absolutely awesome!

thx :D patience yea, but more so, stubborn!

You Sir are a Modeling Wizard!!!

thx, ill keep conjuring up more details B));)

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Has anybody ever thought of making a, say, 1/350 display piece of the SDF-1 bridge?

that is actually something i have thought about my self....

maybe i should add that on my to do list B)):D

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  • 3 weeks later...

life has been interfering the last couple of weeks, but finally i got something done...

i have added section plates on this piece...

post-14728-0-65050600-1435177032_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-03077100-1435177036_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-11431000-1435177038_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-91539100-1435177039_thumb.jpg

not quite done with this yet, but its getting there...

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continuing with the reinforcement of this build....

cut out the side in 0,75mm styrene sheet and did the panel lining on them


attached them to the bottom midship, also added detail to the thruster,

and made the edges out of milliput.

post-14728-0-16790100-1435442684_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-85718000-1435442685_thumb.jpg


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That's absolutelly awesome..

Care to share from where to get the styrene sheets in bulk?

well i buy mine through a danish shop, which is reselling from this company: http://www.raboesch.com

standard sizes: 194 x 320 mm / 7,6 x 12,6 inch ranging from 0.3 - 3.0 thickness (1,59 USD - 5,97USD)

plus many other options and larger sheets......

dunno if theres cheeper alternates out there....

my preferred sheet thicknesses for scratch building are 0.5mm 0.75mm 1mm 1.5mm

hope this helps! ;)

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amidst all the heat, i have progress....

got some work done on the midship lift thrusters, with most of the details done

post-14728-0-82873100-1436385195_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-08462400-1436385199_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-95544900-1436385200_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-85128100-1436385202_thumb.jpg

post-14728-0-93428700-1436385204_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-80067600-1436385206_thumb.jpg


Also did most of the midship top, with panelines....

post-14728-0-29040800-1436385211_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-37803800-1436385213_thumb.jpg

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Very impressive. I would love to know how you achieved these curved surfaces. It almost looks vacuum-formed!

it isn't vacu-formed.... don't have the tools for that... yet :ph34r:

its put together in sections then sanded round to fit the curve i need..

further more there's two layers of Styrene on that bridge, the inner layer at 1mm thickness

and the outer layer at 0,5mm

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That build is awesome!!! Best bridge build ever too! I would personally love a 1/350th anything from the SDF-1.

Its in my toolbox, but one of THE best places to get styrene is US Plastics. I don't think that helps in Denmark though.-MT

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