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TV SDF-1 Macross 1/1600 (1/2400)


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On 22/3/2018 at 6:16 PM, A3M said:

Nyankodevice, are you still working on this?


yes i am ^_^ 

been looking into lights, the other part of the city (including the park and hospital scene) small vf's and Q-rau

still need to finish the stand..

most of it is still only on paper or in my mind

also have 8 or 9 other ongoing projects..

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start with the center of the ship, then the bridge part... then the side thrusters, and then from there you can build rest in which ever order you wish..

hope that helps


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This is the most amazing piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen. Bravo, sir. Please keep the updates coming. I really hope an accurate TV SDF-1 will be made someday. Obviously not to the level of detail you have done....I’m just disappointed that Hasegawa really dropped the ball on their kit. I only recently became a fan of the ship...both versions....and want an accurate TV version to go with the readily available accurate DYRL Refit version. Thanks for all your hard work on this project. It’s a joy to watch and I’m in awe of your skill.


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I've never tried paper craft, might give it a shot one day.


Holy crap, this kit is going for over $80 now on AJ

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