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Macross Valks for Sale

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Greetings. I am selling a couple of my toys. Prices include Paypal fees. Buyer pays exact shipping via USPS Priority Mail or Parcel Post (and insurance). I am located in Seattle, WA (if you care to pick up the toy rather than have it shipped). I have positive feedback in the straight shooters list. PM me if you are interested or have questions?

Arcadia YF-19 with Fast Packs - $300

(transformed to battroid one time. A couple of stickers applied. One of the foldout tabs on a fastpack part is missing (see pic below). This tab slots into the shoulder pauldron in battroid mode.) SOLD

Bandai YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (30th Anniversary Color) - $200

(transformed to gerwalk mode one time)

Addendum: Shipping to US locations is around $20 (including insurance)(Priority shipping add $7).


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