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Your Favorite Mecha

Valkyrie Driver

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Interesting list, some surprising final ten rankings. I too love the Sazabi (which is why i had to include it on my website), though the rank would be too high for me. Surprised a Macross mecha didn't crack the top five :)

I don't think I could equate my favorite mecha to the toys themselves. I feel the art itself would be my ultimate benchmark.

It's certainly an ecclectic list of mecha. Though I weep for the lack of Five Star Stories and Evangelion :)

I really do like some of FSS, and L-Gaim Mk I from the same designer probably deserves a spot as well (#31?) But I did not like the L-Gaim series much at all, and that probably cost him...

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Ignacio Ocamica
Well worry not. The next update to my website includes a profile for the Junchoon, including, the Last Junchoon ODK. I had redrawn art commissioned for it and as I type this I am about about 1/3 through coloring it. Trust me, it is going to be one of the crown jewels of my website once it's done and the site updated. Check out my WIP :wub:


I like that his list is diverse, with stuff from all over. I like a broad appreciation for many different types of mecha.

You should read The Majestic Stand from Vol. 12 of FSS. I heard Nagano has bascially remade the L-Gaim story in that FSS volume, but to his own liking since he was particularly unimpressed with Tomino's handling of the original :)

I love that you included Patlabor so high in your list. The AV-98 Ingram is one of my favorite mecha of all time as well. A lot of the Patlabor stuff is really good, like the Type Zero, the Helldiver, and others. I've got those two added for the next update to my site.

I see a lot of Gundam from the Zeta/CC era. I'm curious what your thoughts are on the other Gundam mecha, Federation or Zeon or why they didn't make your list. I like quite a lot of the mecha from Gundam, even right up to Gundam 00. But a lot of my favorites follow no ryhme or reason, just whatever I think looks good from whatever series. Always thought the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra was a very underated MSG design.

I'd also be curious what you think about vehicles and ships. Some of my favorite anime mechanical designs are not robots, but the vehicles and ships, even sometimes from anime you would never think as being notable for mechanical design.


I don't care much for super robots, but I rather like Gunbuster. I've purchased a Gunbuster art book and have plans to include it as my one super robot profile for the site :)

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If we're going to talk toys, I still have the toy of one of my favorite mecha ever, the RX-79[G]Ez8, with almost all of its parts... You know the 5 inch Bandai Gundam figures that were released about 15 years ago... God I feel old...

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MM - I'm glad you mentioned other Gundam mechs because I DO know which mecha would be #31 on my list - HYGOG!

He fits right in with my love for Dunbine's Drumlo and Mospeada's Gurab.

I would really like this the resin 1/100 kit if I could find it.

I did not like the Zeta series (much) for the same reason L-Gaim rubbed me the wrong way. It was just too obvious when they marched out a random mecha design (and random color scheme) for that week's episode -- it smacked too much of a mini toy commercial.

Macross, Votoms, Patlabor etc., all seem to have more of a realistic 'robotic assembly line' feel to their mecha.

I'll try to check out that FSS story you mentioned . . .




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An unexpected choice for sure. I'm not the biggest fan of the Hygog, but I love the sequence featuring this mobile suit in the Gundam 0080 OVA. I like how they animated the movement of the mecha, especially it's long arms.


I can see the similarities in some ways. Amored Core has a fairly distinct style, but I can remember how many of the early armored core designs were remniscent of the YF-19 Battroid.


LOL! Such a hilarious episode :)

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I can't contemplate any Mecha that comes close to the coolness of Macross Valks

For fighter mode the YF-19 gets my vote over the VF-4G (Yukikaze ffr-31 and ffr-41 are also spectacular designs)

But fighter mode alone does not the greatest Valk make imhop

Fave Battroid goes to VF-0 - that thing looks mean

GERWALK - hard to beat VF-1 but the VF-25/7 looks great in said form

But all around righteousness and ultimate honours goes to the good old VF-1(S MAX with supers) - Looks so right in every mode.

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