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Experten VF-4 Resin kit


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I am interested in this VF-4 kit however I wanted to see if anyone has purchased it before?

I would like to know their opinion of it, such as build time, glue used and such.

Also since I can not read Japanese does anyone know what they needed to purchased for this kit?

I know you have the purchase the screws...now how many of each I am unsure of.

Lastly do you purchase the ball joint separately ? If s,o where do you get these from.

Any opinions and help would be grateful.

Thank you.


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I don't have the kit, but I've seen a few of the Studio Half eye over the years. Let me be honest: unless you are a very highly skilled model maker, I would suggest that this might not be the kit for you. I'm decently skilled modeller with 150 kits under my belt... and I wouldn't buy this kit. Couple of reasons why.

#1: kits like these are very fragile. over tightening a screw will crack the resin and you're screwed.

#2: they are technically very complex. You have a lot of small parts that must be perfectly aligned to get the transformation sequence to work. You'll need to correct warpage as well.

#3: the transformation is more of a gimmick. You can definitely transform it, but nothing like a toy. All the work on the finish you put in will quickly be lost after successive transformations.

Really, you should have quite a bit of experience in resin and articulated figure design before tackling this piece. If you're cool with that, then go ahead... I looked through the parts list and I suspect it has all of the joints included.

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Thank you for all your input. I would love to own a VF-4, however no matter what it is (model, toy and etc.) it is always super expensive.

I will keep everything you mentioned in mind and consideration.


If you want something transformable, go with a toy. Going with this kit could be setting yourself up for big disappointment. I'd suggest that this is basically one of the most challenging plastic/resin kits out there: only detailed vacuform may pose more difficulty. A toy would be cheaper, and you'd get like 90% of its detail. If you just want a VF-4, there are non-transformable resin kits that are much easier and look fantastic too.

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