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WTB or trade: Transformers


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Hey all, I'm looking for some not incredibly uncommon Transformers Masterpiece toys. I'm also willing to trade some of my Macross or Mospeada loot to get them. No need to post me links to eBay auctions or anything, I know they pop up on eBay a lot but I'd rather give someone here a shot to unload a toy. The toys must be with all original packaging/accessories and no stickers applied but it's okay if they're opened and transformed a few times.

Takara MP-1B Black Convoy

Takara MP-4S Sleep Mode Convoy
Takara MP-6 Skywarp
Takara MP-9 V2 Rodimus Convoy (must be the second release and not the recently sold boxless version)

If anyone has one they wouldn't mind parting with, shoot me a PM and let me know what you're looking for (either toy or cash). Thanks!

EDIT - I'm also looking for a Toynami 1/100 Cannon Fodder and the Toynami 1/100 Max VF-1A TV style (not sure if this has been released). There's a lot of classic Robotech toys i'm looking for also if you happen to have any that you feel are just taking up space.

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I have o1b and skywarp. I am willing to trade for some weathering valks or just let me know the ones you are willing to part with.

By the way mp-9 is Rodimus Prime. Hot rod is the name before he took over Optimus Primes's responsibilities.

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Oh forgot to mention, I have some cool stuff I'd consider trading like the following:
Yamato Weathering Edition Destroids
Mega House event exclusive ride armors, Ley/Ray, Yellow

Yamato VF-X, VF-1A DYRL CF, Arcadia VF-1S Focker

Takara MP-10 Optimus Prime unopened
Hasbro TRU MP-10 unopened

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