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Transfan52's Everything must go sale! (Macross, Transformers,


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I have dozens of items for sale and in mint condition. Most are boxed and ready to go. I have some loose Items as well that I will post later. For now I will add what I have already prepared and taken pics of.

All items have been opened and displayed but are in mint condition with stickers applied. That is what I mean by MIB (Mint In Box) for anyone wondering. MISB (Mint is Sealed Box) Is referred to boxed Items that have never been opened.

If your interested in anything let me know by sending me a PM. Things are sold on a first come first serve basis but I am willing to hold onto items for people as long as the wait time isn't over a week. Shipping Charges do apply Depending on location, I accept payments through Paypal and only Paypal. Well here goes.

Macross Items

Bandai VF-25G With Super Parts MIB ver.1 $120.00 US (Box is a little frayed but everything else is in great shape) post-8267-0-80657100-1421713749_thumb.jpg

Bandai RVF-25 With Super Parts MIB ver.1 $120.00 US (Slight tear and fraying on box) post-8267-0-59091400-1421713965_thumb.jpg

Bandai VF-27 Lucifer Brera Custom MIB ver.1 $150.00 US post-8267-0-74336300-1421714150_thumb.jpg

Gundam Figures

Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite Unicorn Gundam #1006 MIB $240.00 US (This is the first release version with bonus paperwork)post-8267-0-04407000-1421714423_thumb.jpg

Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk.1 MIB $110.00 US (Box has some wear)post-8267-0-08827100-1421714633_thumb.jpg

Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk.2 $180.00 US (First release Titans Version)post-8267-0-49756100-1421721293_thumb.jpg

Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite RX-78-2 Ver.ka with G-Fighter MIB $270.00 US (Rare version that comes with the G-Fighter attachment)post-8267-0-78283700-1421714925_thumb.jpg

Metal Build Series

Metal Build Gundam 00 Seven Sword MIB $480.00 US post-8267-0-66510100-1421715103_thumb.jpg

Metal Build 00 Gundam 00 raiser set MIB (Combines with 00 Seven Sword to make Gundam 00 Raiser) $170.00 US

(Items can be bought individually or as set depending if you want both.)

Metal Build Freedom Gundam MIB $170.00 US post-8267-0-66633700-1421715685_thumb.jpg


G1 Reissues

G1 Hasbro Reissue Optimus Prime MIB $100.00 US (Short stack, Comes with both the Fat and skinny rifles)post-8267-0-19019200-1421716129_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Ultra Magnus MIB $80.00 USpost-8267-0-42900500-1421716529_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Rodimus Prime MIB $60.00 USpost-8267-0-77568700-1421716567_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Jazz MIB $35.00post-8267-0-98846700-1421716594_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Smokescreen MIB $35.00 USpost-8267-0-60636400-1421716619_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Skids MIB $30.00post-8267-0-77992400-1421719059_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Inferno MIB $35.00post-8267-0-31338600-1421719088_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Grapple MIB $30.00post-8267-0-05025700-1421719118_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Hoist MIB $25.00post-8267-0-47170600-1421719140_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Tracks MIB $40.00post-8267-0-40951300-1421719199_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Rodimus Major $40.00post-8267-0-27665400-1421719221_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Insecticons Set $45.00 (Some peeling on Stickers from age) post-8267-0-25506400-1421721152_thumb.jpg

G1 Hasbro Reissue Soundwave with Laserbeak and Ravage MIB $65.00 post-8267-0-86537600-1421721167_thumb.jpg

G1 Takara Reissue Hound MIB $70.00post-8267-0-56623700-1421719253_thumb.jpg

G1 Takara Reissue Megatron MIB $120.00post-8267-0-16662400-1421719277_thumb.jpg

G1 Takara Reissue Devastator Gift Set MIB $110.00post-8267-0-49792400-1421719299_thumb.jpg

G1 Takara Reissue Predaking Giftset MIB $130.00 (First Release Metal Version)post-8267-0-77165000-1421719357_thumb.jpg

G1 Takara Reissue SixShot MIB $120.00post-8267-0-19582100-1421719386_thumb.jpg

G1 Takara Reissue Omega Supreme MIB $170.00post-8267-0-24794900-1421719410_thumb.jpg

G1 Vintage

G1 Galvatron Mint Condition Stickers applied with box $150.00post-8267-0-44002500-1421719478_thumb.jpg

Masterpiece Series

Masterpiece Starscream MP-11 ver.2 MIB $180.00 (Japanese Exclusive release with Accurate G1 Cartoon colors and Coronation set)post-8267-0-91057200-1421719524_thumb.jpg

3rd Party Transformers

Fans Project Revolver Core AKA Roadbuster MIB $80.00 post-8267-0-40019200-1421720272_thumb.jpg

Medicom and Hot Toys Figures

Medicom Naked Snake Croc Hat Version MIB $200.00post-8267-0-28054300-1421719552_thumb.jpg post-8267-0-71615400-1421719909_thumb.jpg

Hot Toys Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine Battle Suit Version MIB $270.00post-8267-0-44852700-1421719945_thumb.jpg post-8267-0-18315900-1421720016_thumb.jpg post-8267-0-63664800-1421719978_thumb.jpg

Hot toys Iron Man 2 Iron Man Mark IV MIB $460.00 (Has a small crack inside one of the leg flap connectors but still works perfectly fine. Not visible)post-8267-0-40247600-1421720041_thumb.jpgpost-8267-0-04035800-1421720074_thumb.jpg

Hot toys Iron Man 2 War Machine MIB $360.00post-8267-0-23619700-1421720104_thumb.jpg post-8267-0-58390400-1421720126_thumb.jpg



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