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Skull Squadron TOMCAT 1/32 tamiya Paint Experiment!


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With all the painting I have been doing of late - and the fact that this Tomcat Model was dropped into my life complete, however No Decals.

My Passion for Macross - and Roy Fokker's VF-1S

I wondered what the Last Tomcat might have looked like when the VT's were brought into service...

11 hours of masking and here is the result...so far!

I would love all of your input on this direction of model building - imagination, but with thought.


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My Friends....Thank You EVER so MUCH!!! The decals I had Broke Up in the water - to old I guess...everything failed in trying to save them...gloss coating, future floor wax, even brush coating again with gloss coat!!! So I was forced to use some High Vis stuff from one of my Trumpeter kits...not quite right - but stunning all the same - will dull coat today I HOPE - pics to follow!!!!

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Wow I love it! Especially the skull. Personally, though, I think I would've preferred it without the surrounding Camo and instead some form of design work that goes with the skull like the cross bones and maybe the stripes and chevrons that the Jolly Rogers have. TBH, I thought that's what was there at first. Please don't take this as being critical of yor work, as your painting skills are awesome and I overall really love what your doing here, just a personal preference is all. Please keep the updates comming. :)


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