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The Year in Review - 2014


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So, here's what I built the past year:

1/72 scale VF-25S Messiah from Hasegawa

1/72 scale VT-1 Super Ostrich from Club M/Yellow Submarine

1/72 scale SV-51, Nora Type from Hasegawa

1/72 scale VF-11B Thunderbolt with Boosters from Hasegawa and Club M

1/72 scale Tactical Pod Regult from Bandai


1/48 scale VF-1S from Hasegawa

1/32 scale F-4J Phantom II from Tamiya

1/100 scale VF-2SS Valkyrie II from Bandai


1/4000 scale SDF-1 from Yellow Submarine


So, what did y'all complete this year?

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2014 was a great year for me. FINALLY finished the Daedalus (only to have the main hatch gearcase blow), completed kit masters to the 1/350th Spartan, Monster and Regult, then almost finished the 1/350th Bugeye Recon kit - will remedy that today.

I think Jefuemon wins the most kits made award and Mommar most bodacious for eating a cheesecake!

Some great releases coming up this year...- MT

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I'll bite.

Bandai 1/72 Rigaado


Everything up to panel lining was completed in 2013. And then it sat gathering dust while I mulled over how to panel line it - previously I had been using a Gundam pen, but the usual means of cleaning off the excess don't work when it's applied over clear coat. I read up on alternative means to panel line, and tried Japanese shodo ink on the Hasegawa VF-1 Battroid (still a work in progress) to less than stellar results. I tried manga ink on parts of this one - only to realize too late that I had accidentally used acrylic based manga ink and not water based, like I intended!

So, the first part of the year was spent trying to clean the worst of that gunk off this kit. Only after my attempts with diluting watercolour black in thinner were a success on other kits, was I able to finish off this one.

I have a lot of mixed feeling about this one, which is why I haven't shared it until now.

various Gundam kits (limiting myself to the kits finished this year)


top shelf:

- RGM-79C "Wagtail" Conversion - got around to getting the base kit and building it with the conversion parts that came in an issue of Dengeki Hobby. Am currently mulling over what to paint it.

- AMS-129 Geara Zulu

middle shelf:

- the 3 Build Fighter kits. The GM still needs panel lining. The other two have spot painting (mostly on the blades and spikes). They added a nice accent.

- GM cold weather - one of my first experiments with the aforementioned diluted watercolour panel line/wash fluid. I am quite satisfied with the results - not that they show up clearly in this picture or anything.

V2 Gundam & Enterprise


- lots of fiddly parts with the Gundam. The panel lining was a real chore with the diluted watercolour! Surprisingly, I'm more satisfied with the cold weather GM above than this one...

- the Enterprise was surprisingly hard to mount just right in the holder. Ergo - it counts as a finished kit, no?

Macross Armoured Factory


-Armoured Factory itself: still a work in progress.

-Armoured VF-1J: I spent a lo-------ong time painting this one. I didn't lay down any primer and made the mistake of using a water based paint for the base coat. So... on top of layers of coats to cover the blue plastic, I had to be really careful when applying paint over it. Clear coat, you say? Wish I had thought of that, along with using the panel lining mixture on the grooves in the forearms. Those are all hand painted! Masking and everything. @.@

- Phalanx: quite satisfied with how it turned out. All the moreso because I was able to use all the tricks and skills I had picked up from all the mistakes up until then.

- Bandai VF-1A: not sure if I finished it during 2014. Nevertheless, in trying to pose it with the Zaku build fighter knife in its hand, the fingers popped out. While trying to put them back in, the hand broke off at the wrist! That kit is no end of trouble... (had to glue the backpack on permanently as none of my fixes on the joint worked...)

VF collection


- VF-11 tawny: quite happy with how these turned out. It was also the test bed and proof of the watercolour panel lining mix.

- VF-11 white: after the success of the spot painting on the two Gundam build fighter kits above, I went back and added paint to the engine nozzles, upper arms, and gun pod. I also removed the Battroid FAST packs and connectors, adding them to the tawny fighter. Shame that they're hiding in this picture.

- Nousjadel-Ger: it sure came out brightly painted, didn't it? As it was an old school kit, I approached it with a bit more care than usual. Even then, it ended up testing my patience. Nevertheless, it certainly sets off the VFs its standing next to.

(I'm planning on painting one of the VF-17 sets a green colour, for a Sound Force-like look).

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That flanker -51 is totally cool reno!

What paint brand/colours did you use?

Thanks modelglue, I used model master acryl paint.

The colors are: duck egg blue, a mix of neutral gray and other color (Ican´t remember how colors used sorry), and navy-blue gray,

and aircraft interior black.

Sorry for my bad english :(

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