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Hi-Metal R


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7 hours ago, barurutor said:

Prices on the 2015 releases are insane now.  JPY20k for an armored 1J, JPY18k for Hikaru 1S.  Good thing I PO'd my 1J and found a cheap Hikaru 1S from a local collector.

True. I haven't been able to find a VF-1S Hikaru for a reasonable price. 

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1 hour ago, ScrambledValkyrie said:

So is your TV Max finally complete? I can't remember when we last saw your progress. Either way, he's looking good!

Thanks.  Yeah it's finished.  There are some minor touchups I would still do but I'll leave it as it is.  I just wanted to take a pic of TV Max with the Milia figure.

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So I finally caved and pre-ordered the Regult variants on N-Y. My first time ordering through them. There was the option to pay in USD (about $185) vs in Yen (18800Y). I thought that the USD amount should have been lower, like around $170, based on straight conversion, so that seemed weird to me. I just went ahead and preordered in Yen.

Anybody have the skinny on how the currency exchange works with N-Y?  


Edit #1: The charge just showed up on my credit card as $170. That's weird that if I'd picked paying in USD, I would have paid like $15 more. 

Edit #2: Also picked up a Glaug for $97 shipped off eBay. Seems expensive for a smallish toy, but Zentradi mechs don't usually get turned into cool-looking toys. I've been staying away from the Hi-Metal R line because I don't like the compromises made on the VF-1 valks due to their size, but I couldn't resist getting the Spartan/Defender and the Glaug/Regults. Still debating whether I want the Monster--that design always seemed goofy to me, a lumbering, barely movable gun turret, essentially. 

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Their conversion rate won't be as good as the real rates. The only time it makes sense to use USD is if you anticipate the rates to go worse when it comes time to pay. That way, you pay the USD no matter what the rate at the time is. That's probably why their rates are worse too..to protect them from conversion rate changes. I always pay in yen. 

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1 hour ago, gingaio said:

Good to know. Thanks, everyone! 

NP! And you definitely want the Monster! It's artillery, not meant to be super agile but lays down massive firepower. It's one of the finest HMR, build wise. Full of ratchets, metal joints and surprisingly articulated for what it is. There are still deals on it and worth regular price even. 

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