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2 hours ago, sumyumgoy said:

I'm able to access NY through my mobile phone if that helps.  It was 5900 shipping EMS for me.

1 hour ago, sumyumgoy said:

out of stock now, that was quick!

It's still the same error page for me on my mac and my iphone.

34 minutes ago, Ridden001 said:

I'm glad its an exclusive, the pre-order will be open for at least a day instead of 5 seconds.

27 minutes ago, Ridden001 said:

The site shows its on the Tamashi Webshop, so I'm pretty sure its an exclusive. . . I may be wrong.

Nope. It's not Tamashii Web Exclusive.



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I'll take the wallet break, Bandai. Thanks.

Weird. I can think on so many obscure variants of the VF-1 that are actually cannon and would love to see made (This guy for instance). I guess anniversary releases are for shoving in whatever new stuff toy companies can come up with.

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8 hours ago, Scyla said:


If I remember correctly Messer was flying his regular VF-31F when he shot down Hayate. 

The VF-1 looks stunning. Why no Super Strike Parts though? If they release some I might bite especially since this toy can stand on its own without needing a HMR collection surrounding it. 

 shiningami strike parts...there's an idea! totally they should have added that, probably bandai didnt want to invest more than they could get away with on this.

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