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HI Everyone,

I am new here, but not new to the Macross World. As Im typing, still trying to figure out how to insert picture in the topic. But anyway, I think I found it.

This thread is about the recently released Chinese design and made Macross SDF-1 SuperDeformed version. I guess it doesn't have a license from Bandai, is it? I am not sure whom the license is belong to nowadays. But any way, it is named as MAKUROSS SDF 1 EARTH UNION SPACE FORCE SUP'DREADNOUGHT CLASS SELF-DEFENCE SPACE CITY. Shew.... that is a loooooong name. Little background I know of the company Master Made, but the product is really nice, I fell of it the first time saw the advert. My fiancee just bought it off the internet for me for about 80dollars. And it arrived in two days.

I have to say, I don’t own any of other brand’s or types of the Macross SDF-1 models. Since this is the first one, I want to share it with you all.

IMG 6377

IMG 6378

IMG 6379

IMG 6380

IMG 6381

IMG 6382

It is surprisingly light for its size, there is another thread on the forum talked about the product before it came out.

This version is model after the “Do you remember lover” movie version, so is the colour, It is a bit dull at places, but also very military like over all.

It has a rap around sleeve with artwork on front and scene shots on the back.

IMG 6383

IMG 6384

IMG 6385

Now, showed you the out side box.

it is time for the inside. It has two halves hosting the parts and main body. Minimal decorations all around.

IMG 6391

IMG 6390

IMG 6389

It has compact three trays of components. The first two trays are stack one on top the other, the base, the connection parts, two small stand base, two VF battle droid figures(VF-1S, VF-1J), exchangeable legs for both, an individual arm arm/space stations which I forgot the name, and the propulsion parts for the other “arm”. According to the advert, only the early release packs the VF figures as special offer. But since it is front China, god knows it is real.

The tray on the right houses the SDF-1 itself, without the right “arm”…

IMG 6388

IMG 6387

IMG 6386

The instruction sheet is behind the backdrop of the left box. Very simple, and later on, I discovered there are some steps missing from the transformation.

IMG 6392

IMG 6393

IMG 6394

IMG 6395

The base, in my mind, is one of the best thing in this product, because it isn’t just a plain base, but also has city structures moulded to provide a scene. Its about the size of a palm. Simple and sturdy connection.

Two small base for either the arm stations or the VF figures. and 4 differently length steel rods to hold them in the air. Very thoughtful and effective, I think.

IMG 6396

IMG 6402

Now, the VF themselves. They are cute, no other words for them, typical SD style figures, they are holding gun pods! they are two bended legs for each, so they can be posed like the poster. The details are very good, for SD size. The head turns, arms and legs are on ball joints.

IMG 6397

IMG 6398

IMG 6399

IMG 6400

IMG 6401

IMG 6404


The arm station has two moving part, I assume they are the thrusters, though they can only move up and down slightly. Decals are the simplified version but added a lot of life into the part, and colour separations are quite good.

The Main event, I think it shall be called! The fortress itself. Before we start, I would like to share something, though, thinking about it, it is something people say before the main event, isn't it? For dramatic effects! I am saying that because, I haven't thought of anything to share.

Ah, I am a fun of the Macross series for a long time, since the first American dubbed version came out and imported to mainland China, that was in the early 1990s, and somehow fell in love with it just so instantaneously. You all know at the time, the production skill of such animated series are terrible for today's standards, but I didn't care, and I wanted the VFs so badly, I actually broke one of my friends birthday present of a VF-1J, I think. It wasn't intensional, and not out of jealousy, just accident. It was one of the early versions, and it was quite big, think about it now, probably because my hands were small then. You could put one of those GI joy figures into the cockpit.

Few years later, another friend give me one of the small versions of the VF-1S with a broken backpack, the thruster bit with vertical fins were missing. But it didn't matter, I loved it and played with it for a long time. Unfortunately, like most of the toy of that age, it is lost after my family moved to a another home. Still, I literally dreamt of it once, where I almost could have grabbed it in my hands and it could have materialised in reality. When I woke up..... No, it isn't there. I was really disappointed.

Anyway, you are here to see the main event, here it goes. Apologies for the pour quality of the photos.

IMG 6405

IMG 6406

IMG 6407

IMG 6408

IMG 6409

IMG 6410

IMG 6411

IMG 6412

Since it is a SD type, I can't really say what scale it is. Later on you will see a size comparison with a beloved ball point pen in its cradle.

The over all effect is, once again, cute, the massive head is very prominent, but the details are amazing. The joints of the canons on the back and shoulders are ratchet joints, so the can hold position on their own. Though, like in most cases, one is slightly tighter than the other.


IMG 6413

IMG 6414

IMG 6415

The "feet" moves just like those bigger scale model, only front left to right.




Legs movement is almost none existent, but Master Made did it any way, very very slightly. It is still really cool though, or rather really cute.
I know I probably not suppose to use such word as cute to describe such serious object, but it is why I wanted it in the first place. Not too expensive, quite big, something one can put on the work desk as a display piece. And it puts a big smile on my face every time I look at it.






I think as the battle droid form, the arms have the most movement. Those antenas can move up and down, the shoulders rotate 360 it the canons are out of the way. Arms can lift up to 90 to the side. Rotates at the elbows. The battle stations have limited range of movement because they are connected with a rather large ball joint. Oh, you have to remove the thrusters from the back of the them so they can be attached to the elbow joints.





The head, em... it doesn't really move, just a fraction from side to side. But look at that those details. It shows the owner of the Master Made really is a fan of Macross. The visor is transparent, and it has details like the reflector display panels mould in. And one can see the bridge structures inside, admittedly, not very clear, but still. Shame the visor can't be removed. Or can it? I don't know, haven't got the chance to try yet.

The sensor arrays on either side of the "head" can be removed to accommodate the canon firing position. You will see later.




The weapon, yea.... THEY ARE BIIIIIIG, almost the same height of the entire body, and again, the details, incredible. They can be slide to the middle to become the ship's forward sections. and can be put down aside of the head to assume firing position.







I don't think I will show the transformation, just to save a bit mystery for those want to find out for themselves.

The ship mode is not as impressive as the battle droid mode, I think, primarily because it is flat and horizontal. However, one only need to change the angle of view to see the gigantic form of the massive ship.

Not mush can be moved here, but there is one little details that stands out, though one still need to look for it somewhat. I bet you all remember in the movie where Hikaru Ichijyo and Lin Mingmei conducted their legendary conversation of encouragement and declaration of love! The big space viewing ports are their as well. Covered in the same colour transparent plastic as the visor. Only they are way too small to see anything meaningful inside.

The overall effect is still amazing, and the "head" is very visible ^_^. Impression-wise, it feels a bit too much aft-wards.

God in the details, and this piece of plastic has a ton. Since it isn't exactly that expensive, I'd say it is worth to own.

This pretty much sum up the topic/review, whatever you want to call it. I love it and I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy it too.
A few shots of size comparison and my terrible effect shots-_-!!!





Until next time, Cheero!

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