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Bandai VF-19 Advance....!!!

Scream Man

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I thought after the YF, all VF-19's were single seat configurations. I don't want the double

Window gimmick screwing to make a droopy nose again.

I don't know about the other 19's, but the VF-19A should be able to accommodate a 2nd seat as it was identical to the YF-19 with the exception of somethings like upgraded engines, avionics, and the cannons in the wing roots.

Even so, being single or double seat shouldn't really have any bearing on the type of canopy used. The VF-25 and VF-1, for example, could take a second seat or had a variant that could and they were all single piece canopy deals. I don't even know what the benefit of a split canopy would be. It seems like it would make things more awkward to get in and out of and there is more complexity involved in that sort of design.

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The gunpod issue is directly dependent on the gullet, or lack of it. If they can keep the belly level with the undersides of the arms it'll be no problem, but that will require a massive amount of streamlining underneath, or possibly bulking up and/or lowering the arms themselves.

That might have something to do with why the crotch plate is so flat.

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Wow. Didn't (but probably shoulda) seen this coming. Those first pics of Battdroid alone make me wanna buy it without further consideration.

As much as I love my Arcadia -19 (and I really really do) I will have to buy this one too on the off chance it looks better in any of the 3 modes!

I've got 3 Yamarcadia Valks and 3 plus one on order Bandai iterations and I have to say my preference on finish is with the Bandai ones.

Looking at my YF-19 beside my VF-25F (both panel lined) the Bandai Valk just jumps out at me more.

More texture (greater and deeper panel line detail) more glossy finish (not necessarily a good thing but makes it pop a little more)

The design of the -25 is sleeker but -19 is still my favourite, so I'll be hopeful Bandai can make fighter mode even sleeker looking than Arcadia

could manage.

Do I care that my $300 Arcadia Valk will be superceeded by a (potentially) superior model, not really.

Am I happy that the possibility of an even better interpretation of the coolest (imop) looking Valk in Macross history exists? You betcha.

After all, what else would I spend my money on?!?!?!

edit added "(potentially)"

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Save it for the inevitable Ozma and Roy repaints?

TBH, as cool as their colour schemes are, I prefer schemes seen in the series.

Still a sucker for the SVF-569 Lightnings scheme on the Hasegawa model though :wub:

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These custom schemes are really nice, it's too bad 99.99999999% of them never get put into production as toys.

That said, I'm pretty sure that a repaint or something will be coming if for no other reason it would allow Bandai to maximize profit on the design and creation of their DX Chogokin 19.


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I always thought the 25 super parts fitted to a 19 kinda looked a little weird / silly but... this im really liking! it must be the color scheme that's doing it.. :huh:

Same here! The color scheme and the missiles are balancing the YF-19 with the Packs.

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