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HYPE! Loved the first one, when Keanu is good he's good, and unfortunately when he's bad, he's pretty damn bad.

Same here.

And the reason, IMO, he's good in this is Keanu does emotionless and/or angry really well - and John Wick is basically both of those.


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2 hours ago, Ghadrack said:

Giddy with excitement over this, these mindless action movies that are just fun for the sake of fun are great IMO.  

Agreed. ;)

And it's funny too that some people doesn't appreciate some mindless 'high speed car chase' action movies like Fast & Furious just for the sake of fun IMHO. ^_^ 


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LoL to each their own, I don't particularly care for The Fast and The Furious series,  but who cares, what equate to fun, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

I love the Final Destination movies, my friends think they are idiotic, I don't give a fart. This isn't fine art, it's just a fun diversion for an hour or two. Life's short, find stuff that makes you laugh and happy, who cares what other people think :p

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11 hours ago, Smiley424 said:

This is the movie everyone should be taking their significant other to see for Valentine's Day!

This. Last year we had Deadpool, maybe next year Deadpool 2? Either way I'm loving this trend of getting a spectacularly awesome and violent film right at Valentines Day.

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Saw it today. Me and wife really liked it. Most of the people are actually enjoying the gore scene

For a movie, it has less dialogue similar to the first movie, just enough to understand the plot, which IMO, is what I really like since the movie still focus on the action scenes



it was nice to see how big the organization is, the mix of analog/older technology in maintaining the records



And there is a scene where John wick uses the frakkING pencil

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