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looking for several of these:

yellow submarine Defender and Phalanx (will also take Tomahawk and Spartan if in a set)


yellow submarine Valkyries with Launch Arm from VF-X, in particular VF-11, 19, 22, but i'll take any other valks too



originals preferred, but i'll take recasts if i'm desperate

also looking for trading figures/gashapon, in particular these from Kaiyodo's K&M Macross


in particular i want several of the Regults, but will also take complete sets. looking for a Glaug too, which i think is a Bandai gashapon.

i also could still use a few VF-1 with fast packs from Happinet's Charaworks line

if anyone knows of other Macross stuff in 1/144 (or close to), let me know. except of course the Bandai kits which are fairly easy to come by.


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Good luck on the Yellow Sub kits. I've been hunting for the -22 and -4 for over a year now (I've got all the others).

EDIT: Mandarake has this 1/144 regular VF-1 for almost forever, and at only ¥1000.

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