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Peice Of Piece: VF-25 Lego And More


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Piece Of Peace


An exhibit of World Heritage sites built in Lego, currently in Osaka from 2014.07.19 to 08.31.

It's definitely worth it if you like Lego and are in Osaka. It's also a great thing to do on a rainy day and to escape the summer heat and humidity. Especially because the enter fee is quite reasonable. Even more so if you've got kids and want an escape from the hustle and bustle of Umeda.

The exhibition has some of the same sets as the 2nd one (we also went to it a couple of years ago), with enough new sets to make it more than worthwhile.


Some of the sets are quite large and awe inspiring (on top of inspiring).


That said, I was blown away when I saw the familiar site of the Lego VF-25. And it wasn't just one - but three! And the sheer scale of the mecha behind them was also surprising. Nevertheless, I revelled at the chance to get an up close look at how Kawamori-san went about building a transforming Valkyrie - and some of the pieces he used were surprising.

post-3910-0-87015500-1408270014_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-66613200-1408270020_thumb.jpg

post-3910-0-37779500-1408270030_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-43207500-1408270036_thumb.jpg


There were also descriptive plaques and images of what they finally ended up looking like in anime; along with an introductory note by Kawamori-san.

post-3910-0-49690200-1408270047_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-53740800-1408270052_thumb.jpg

post-3910-0-98439200-1408270057_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-04451900-1408270063_thumb.jpg

post-3910-0-90327900-1408270067_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-45282600-1408270072_thumb.jpg

All in all, it was a very satisfying surprise to find at the exhibition, and I hope that the pictures give you some ideas on how to make your own Lego Valkyrie, like seeing the actual sets has for me. :D

post-3910-0-37159000-1408270078_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-87364800-1408270082_thumb.jpg

post-3910-0-77801300-1408270089_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-32957200-1408270095_thumb.jpg

post-3910-0-50961600-1408270103_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-66464600-1408270111_thumb.jpg

post-3910-0-26002600-1408270117_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-62614300-1408270122_thumb.jpg

post-3910-0-46376000-1408270128_thumb.jpg post-3910-0-57427400-1408270133_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the info. Seems the exhibit will be also held in Chofu, Tokyo in September.


Won't you translate some interesting info into English? At least I first know that the VF-1 was modeled with paper and balsawood in the past.

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Won't you translate some interesting info into English? At least I first know that the VF-1 was modeled with paper and balsawood in the past.

Thanks. So that's what it was saying.

For everyone - the context of what antibiotictab translated is: 25 years ago, Kawamori-san used paper and balsa-wood to test make the VF-1.

There's also something in there about it being impossible to make the VF-1 in the 3D CG animation era, and the he uses Lego as a guide for the CG animation.

The rest of it is an introduction to the various modes of the VF-1 for the average person, and how Macross F went on to spawn 2 movies because of its popularity.

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i'm actually pretty heavy into legos right now.

there is a guy that does alot of macross customs, i need to see if i can find his article on what stuff he does.

Hi Fairchild, I'm a fellow LEGO builder and Macross fan. Welcome to the boards!

Are you saying he does LEGO Macross customs, and if so, do you know his name? Tyler Clites, AKA Legohaulic, does commissions. He built a transforming Alpha Fighter on a commission. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know if you're looking for someone to design something for you. Otherwise, Jack McKeen, Gla-Gla, Daikoncat, Sebastio Neto, .Tromas and many other folks have done LEGO Macross stuff. There's also a LEGO Macross Flickr group that's definitely worth checking out.

Hope these help, and you find the article you're looking for. Play well!

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I wasn't familiar with the name, but I've seen his stuff while browsing. Cool indeed.

As for returning to the LEGO hobby, there's never been a better time, since they produce such a plethora of sets across quite a number of themes, both their own and IPs. Bricklink, Brickowl, and ebay are some avenues to explore to acquire parts and sets you may want or have wanted in the past. Granted, LEGO is already an expensive habit, and once you delve into the secondary market, it can become even more so. I speak from experience. :) If you're interested in dedicated LEGO forums, I'd suggest FBTB.net and Eurobricks.com. Welcome back to the hobby.

Concerning your user name, are you stationed at Fairchild AFB? Just curious.

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