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Japan Expo, San Mateo, 8/22-8/24

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I haven't been to a Japan Expo, and I think this is the first one. As far as autographs are concerned, I don't know if it's going to be a first come first serve basis, or if the staff will hand out tickets or something to that effect. Either way, expect long lines, and how many people end up with signatures ultimately depends on the mood or health of the guest. But man, I would love a signed copy of Aramaki's Design Works.

Looking more into it, it seems Japan Expo started just last year.

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I only attended Friday but I was mostly impressed with what Japan Expo had to offer.

-Admission: 3/5 waited in line for just under an hour, was supposed to be allowed to enter by 2pm ended up being 2:30pm

-Staff: 4/5 kind, courteous, and helpful...aside from a computer snafu they did their job VERY well

-Guests: 4.5/5 Amazzzzing...IMHO better than anyone Fanime has managed to snag. Izumi Matsumoto, Akira Yamaoka, Daigo Ikeno, Shinji Aramaki, and the list goes on.

-Main Hall: 3.5/5 Typical anime fair prices...nothing much in terms of Macross merchandise, but I wouldn't go here looking for that anyways.

-Events: 4/5 A nice mix of musical performers, cosplayers, game shows. The panels were great BUT one suggestion for the JE staff...not a good idea to hold live martial arts in the same room. A soft spoken Izumi Matusmoto was hard to hear with the primal screams of karate in the background. Fix that for next year please. I also attended an Anime Hazard (Jeopardy with anime) and I was quite ashamed of the young participants that knew JACK SQUAT of any classic anime. The host noticed I had a Space Battleship Yamato jacket on and asked me to join...but I declined. FOLKS...the participants couldn't answer ANY question about Harlock, SBY, and the final question (which I'll post in the gallery below) was also quite easy. What a shame...they only knew about MO-E and Clamp shows...ugh.

-Signatures 5/5 the ticket process was first come first serve...a fairly easy process and your photo was taken to assure your safety. IMHO very well done. Mr. Matsumoto signed (sorry Mike) me a copy of Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road. What a nice guy. The signings for Mr. Aramaki was a very late 9:30-10:30...but what I've heard on IG he stayed until MIDNIGHT to sign. WOW! Thanks again to the staff and Mr. Aramaki to personally sign something special for the fans. I've included a photo of what he signed...he adorned the base of my Beagle Mospeada with goodness. Other folks brought signing boards an they got more awesomeness as well.

Overall...I'll be back next year.



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