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Confident, aren't they?

Wouldn't you be if you had a movie about a sarcastic trigger-happy racoon and some other chumps?

Seriously, the popular response to Rocket Racoon has been so strong I think they're just assuming it's a shoe-in on that alone.


That and what was the last Marvel-produced movie that bombed? :p

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preemptive response: Ant Man. :ph34r:

Sadly, I think you're right. Hell, even if Edgar Wright wasn't off the project I think that was going to be the case. Though for Marvel that might be okay once or twice just to establish the character for other appearances. Since these things are all interconnected someone may see the character in a later Avengers movie and wonder why they never went and saw his film. Back DVD sales right there.

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Does either of the Hulk movies count? No idea if they were "produced" by Marvel or not...

The only early reports I have heard is that those who have seen it like it so with any luck it will be a financial success.

Only the second one does, and it technically didn't bomb since it made more than it cost to make and market, and general expectations were set really low based on how the first one did (which still made money BTW).

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