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Astebreed, a new bullet hell video game

Mr March

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It may have a name that sounds like a gay porn but it's actually just an anime video game. :)

Just watched a video about a game called Astebreed and it's a very visually rich shoot 'em up in the anime style we've all come to know and love. The game is built in 3D with game play changing from side-scroller shooter to top-down shooter to 3rd person shooter as you move throughout the environment. Lots of trademark visuals, including a giant robot with a sword, lots of energy weapons and of course, an Itano circus attack. Check it out:


Not sure if I'm totally sold on the game, but that name sure is giving me a chubby :)

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I bought this game during the last Steam sale, and despite its relatively short length (finished it in about an hour), I found it very fun.

Pretty sure it originated as a doujin game, which is pretty impressive considering how pretty it can be. It's like what happens when Zone of the Enders becomes a shmup. Very fast paced, with lots of emphasis on lock-on shots, dashing around and slashing everything around you.

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