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Revoltech Mini Solid Snake sighted in Akihabara


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Took photos, with permission, of the up coming Revoltech Mini of Solid Snake last Thursday. Look at Snake's Eye Bags:







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looks like he didn't get much sleep.

Looks like it. I'll upload a few more in a while...

hmm, face turned out pretty alright, despite the eye bags.. hope it looks better in hand though

I was able to hold it, just yesterday. Uploading pix in a while...

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I got a chance to visit Akiba again


And was able to hold this LITTLE ZOMBIE IN MY HAND. What happened to his eyes? The eye bag weren't enough, I didn't see snake's pupils.



This figure handles the same as the Peace Walker Snake Revoltech only smaller. I tried to remove his face in the hopes of moving his eyeballs, but his face seems to be glued to the rest of his head. Part of his torso at the back is flexible, making him easy to lie down on his chest for sniping position. But his collar is preventing him from doing it properly.

Two times I accidentally snapped off his right arm from his shoulder.

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