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The Kentucky Fried Movie

KFM Films/United Film Distribution Co., 1977

Shout! Factory, 2013

Directed by John Landis (The Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Blues Brothers)

Written by Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker (Airplane!, The Naked Gun)

Running Time: 83 minutes

Rated R for violence, nudity, sexual situations and profanity.

"The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11."


Too many to name. See IMDb for a full cast listing.

"Moscow in flames, missiles headed toward New York. Film at 11."


Remember when sketch comedy films were actually funny? Yes, majority of the segments were random, but the really funny bits were worth the admission. Sadly, recent attempts such as 2013's Movie 43 ultimately killed the format by being completely devoid of watchability.

"What was that? This is not a chawade. We need total concentwation."

To fully understand the value of sketch comedy films, one must look back at the 1977 film The Kentucky Fried Movie. It simulates a random flipping of TV channels with segments that spoof news shows, the oil crisis ("Argon Oil"), porno films ("Catholic School Girls in Trouble"), sex education ("The Wonderful World of Sex"), Blaxploitation films ("Cleopatra Schwartz"), disaster films ("That's Armageddon"), Hare Krishna monks ("Willer Beer"), stunt shows ("Danger Seekers"), and the demand for a better movie experience ("See You Next Wednesday in Feel-a-Round"). But perhaps the crown jewel to this film is "A Fistful of Yen", a parody of Enter the Dragon featuring a Bruce Lee lookalike with an Elmer Fudd accent. Martial artists Evan C. Kim and Bong-soo Han are hilarious in their impersonations of Bruce Lee and Han, respectively. Other segments feature appearances by veteran actors such as Bill Bixby (1934-1993) (David Banner in The Incredible Hulk), George Lazenby (James Bond 007 in On Her Majesty's Secret Service), and Donald Sutherland (Kiefer's old man).

"All kinds of disasters happen in the U.S. Film at 11."

Unbeknownst to today's moviegoers, The Kentucky Fried Movie boosted the careers of those behind the camera. Director John Landis went on to helm National Lampoon's Animal House, The Blues Brothers and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video before being sent to court for The Twilight Zone: The Movie on-set tragedy. The Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker trio created a string of comedy hits such as Airplane!, Top Secret! and The Naked Gun before splitting up to do their separate projects with mixed results - David Zucker with BASEketball, Scary Movie 3 and 4, Jim Abrahams with Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! Part Deux, and Jerry Zucker with Ghost and First Knight.

"Rams plagued by fumbles as earthquakes rock Los Angeles. Film at 11."

If you're in the mood for some mindless comedy, go pick up The Kentucky Fried Movie and its sequel Amazon Women on the Moon. They don't make comedies like these anymore.

"Take him to Detroit!"

Rating: A-


The Internet Movie Database

"I'm not wearing any pants. Film at 11."

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Haha...I was juuuuust gonna say take him to Detroit.

Amazon Women On The Moon was a sequel?

Spiritually, Amazon Women is a sequel, as John Landis directed several segments of it.

Three words: BIG JIM SLADE

"... and the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln!"

Another classic scene:

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When I was in elementary school in the mid 90's, I remember finding this on VHS stashed in the back of our movie cabinet and secretly watching it. The Catholic School Girls in Trouble bit was the only part that really stuck with me. :p

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Ah, good movies. I rather liked this one, and the Zucker Bros films. Funny how stuff like that can shape your childhood--or warp it, depending on your point of view. :p

Don't know if it's funny--or just tragic--to think how prophetic their satire really was...


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