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Macross Toys, Model kits, etc.

Major Tom

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Wave 1/72 (vinyl kit) VF-17S/D $50, Wave 1/72 (vinyl) VF-19Kai w/ sound-booster $70, Wave 1/72 (vinyl) VF-19S/F $50, Wave 1/24 Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom $30

Fujimi - Great Mightgaine Perfect Mode kit $30, Skynet - Goshogun kit & 3mech $20, Bandai - Thousand Sunny (New world version) non-scale - $35

Imai 1/72 Regult kit (sold), Arii 1/72 Glaug kit $80, Imai 1/144 Q-Rau kit (sold), L&S 1/48 Bioroid kit (sold), Arii Macross Diorama Defender kit $30, Imai 1/100 Glaug kit (sold)

Bandai Movie Realization Kamen Rider The First 1&2 $40, Si-Fi Revoltech Iron Man MK-VI $45, Revoltech Revy $40, Figma Kanu Unchou sold, Atelier Sai Megazone23 Garland action-figure sold, Atelier Sai Megazone23 Garland Army Color $20, Atelier Sai Megazone23 partII Proto-Garland sold

CM’s Patlabor Ingram 1&2 (movie ver.) $70, Bandai HMC-Pro Sazabi $35, Bandai HMC-Pro Jadg Doga $25, Bandai SOP PX-01 Hover Pileder (sold), Bandai SOP PX-02 Kamen Rider & Cyclone $40, Robotech Mac II Destroid Monster $40

CM’s Max Jinius DYRL Pilot Suit (chase figure) (sold), CM’s Roy Focker cockpit figure $10, Wave (resin kit) 1/100 VF-11 $40, Wave (resin kit) 1/100 YF-21 $40, Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1A Angel-Birds sold, Bandai 1/144 VF-11C plus Tech (resin) up-grade Full-Armored kit $35

Price does not include shipping. Paypal is preffered payment method. Thanks







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