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Detailled 1/60 landing gears


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I wanted to share this project I am working because I don't have that much time for it and that I am a little un-experienced in custom builds.

At this stage, I made a pack where you can combine different shapes so that the gears could differ slightly from one configuration to the other.

The project started from this picture of Alto's VF-25 on the grass (http://i651.photobucket.com/albums/uu238/moncikoma/promotion/sample_a743d181235a69104232a39c1ebb02c1.jpg) and I liked much more the rear landing gears pictured in it.
I also checked the lineart (http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossf/vf-25f/vf-25-lineart4.gif) and couldn't determined if the landing gears are supposed to be straight or if we could apply to them a little angle. Even in the Macross movie where we clearly see the YF-29's gears retracting, this isn't so obvious.
So I went ahead and designed the rear gears for the VF-25 in mind, later I made an adaptation for the VF-1 (because the VF-0 is sexy with this kind of gears)


When I was at designing the rear gears, I decided to test a design for the front gear, at this stage I remembered that a front gear is so nicely posed when rotated. I decided to make the front gear rotating. After that I examined the tolerance of the 3D-printing materials and I wanted to test if a complete suspension system could be printed. So I made the front gear with a complete suspension system, rotating left/right, the wheels are rotating also.

I went back to the rear gears and designed the suspension system for them also, for VF-1 and VF-25. At this point the rear gears have rotating wheels, suspension system and they can be retracted straightly.

You will need O-rings European size 4 to fit the front gears, size 5 for rear gears.

At this point, the VF-25 and VF-1 retracting systems are a bit different. I made different sets to test and see how they can be integrated to the each system. If one feel confident enough to make its own custom, feel free to print them from Shapeways!

http://www.shapeways.com/model/1878540 (Frost Ultra Detail only)
https://www.shapeways.com/model/1878462 (flexible parts required for the suspension)

A few early shoots of the printed test sample:





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I am stuck with the VF-25 I can't fin a way to open the VF-25 my way to the landing gears

No visible openings for the legs to access the rear gears and I have a metallic rod I can't find how to remove for the front gear.

Anyway, I got my way to the gears with the VF-1s, and it will be an easy fix for the front gear, and a little more complicated with the rear gears because of the lack of place in the compartment, but doable I think if I cut a portion and enlarge the gear flaps !

Stay tuned!








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Very nice.

I have found that many resin or similar landing gears tend to deform(takes some time) with the weight of the plane unless reinforced with an internal metal rod.

The 1/72 Yukikaze resin kits suffer from that among other kits.

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I wanted to update the status of this project.

I haven't realized how much strength there is in the landing gear vertical lock. The lock mechanism apply too much force to the small pieces and managed to break the FUD (Frost Ultra Detailed) material very easily.

But this accident apart, I went further with an updated design of the wheels. And I also purchased a remaining VF-1A "Unpaint Version" so that I could break any pieces I wanted without ruining my VF-1S or VF-1J.

I was pretty happy with the latest wheel 3D version, and I made the suspension mechanism with a true spring that I unfolded and torn the way I wanted, that was stronger than the WSF 3D material (White Strong and Flexible).

I butchered the rear gear habitable on one side just to check that there was enough place to store the new gear, and it entered in very stretched!

The point is that this kind of gear is very feasible for the VF-1, and would not largely modify the current V2 version. Perhaps if Arcadia want to update the version to V3, they can borrow this idea (that I gladly give them!).

If I wanted to go with this design, I should make the gears casted in metal but at this point, shapeways doesn't have very thin tolerance on metals, so my only solution would be to go to a jeweler and ask him to make a 2-parts mold of the gears. This would cost too much as I don't have a jeweler friend.

Anyway, it was a nice trip deep into 3D printing technology, and I have now a better idea of what 3D printing can or cannot do. I so hope better 3D technology soon!








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I sent you in PM the latest skp files I made for the VF-1. Have some fun and don't forget to update me with PM if you got anything good. Thx!

EDIT: little sanding are required here and there! (the most part of sanding is from the details made for VF-25 that do not fit into the VF-1 attachments)

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I replied to it Charger69, thanks!

Additionnally, I just came across this news where a Japanese company has finally developped a platinum powder that could be used with SLS printers (just like Shapways has!)


Future is being fun!

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