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So whenever I do a new group pic, folk ask about my old repaints. This is very flattering, and I appreciate it, though they really oook better in pics than in person.

Anyway start this thread so I can put them all together and refer to them later.

So in order of when i did them:

From around the time they came out -

VF-0S Max









VF-0A Wolf Squadron








1/48 VF-1A Marine Custom. Yes i used a Low Viz.








VF-19S with the anniversary stuff painted out




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Those are some cool customs. I'm waaaayyyy to scared to try anything like that with my Valks and the one time I tried (on a Bandai DX VF-25A) I took that paint off so quickly it wasn't even funny.

My hats off to you for your skill and bravery!


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i am not a fan of the vf-11c and vf-19p BUT in those colors make me wish to have one specially the 19p in battroid WOW so cool!!

hahaha old White pages under the monitor? i used to do the same with my previous monitor, the base was too short. but i used 2 of them.

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i need to get a more recent one i think. This one is a decade old after all. ;)

Incidentally, I asked about this in the 'Wanted' forum, but if anyone has sticker sheets they arent using for their valks, I definitely need a few. Less so VF-1 sheets, but certainly ones beyond that :)

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that is one crazy hot looking 19P!! Why can't Yamato Arcadia make paints like this!? =o

I'd say it's because repaints usually don't sell as well but given the Roy 30th Anniversary 29 sold pretty well for Bandai maybe marketing a Roy Scheme 19P for Macross 7's anniversary might not be a bad idea. Scream's paint job is rather envious.

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I'm so in love with those Roy color schemes. It really matches the Valks that you used. :wub:

By the way, any paint scratches happened after transformation?

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I just noticed that the VF-19P has some extra missile launchers inside the lover legs that the other Excaliburs are missing.

Actually, the only difference is the other Excalibur' have to open their bay doors in order to fire their missiles (like the YF-19) while the P (and I believe the Kai) have ports the missiles can fire out of without opening the bay doors (which they both can do too.) Actually, looking at the P it has stabilizers that are located on the bay door that the other Excalibur' don't. Likely the ports had to be added because the bay doors wouldn't be able to open in fighter mode as the stabilizer would hit the wings.

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