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Hi guys,

I am selling some of my collections on Ebay. Please check them out:


Included in the list are:
- Soul of Chogokin items, including gx-01r + gx-08 box set (that's mazinger Renew + aphorodai a)
- Super Robot Chogokin items
- Chogokin spec items
- Gundam fix figuration Metal Composite
- Metal build 00 Seven sword gundam
- Macross
- Transformers Masterpiece as well as deluxe classes
- Play arts Kai
- SDX gundam
- Art Storm Baikanfu
- Saint Seiya
- 17" Limited edition Anna doll from Frozen (Because I am a frozen fan...)
- and other rare and not so rare toys.

Thank you,


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They are about 6 inches tall - maybe 1/100?

If you have not handled a SPEC like these - try it. The metal endo-skeleton is awesome.

They make me wonder why other figures can't be this nice.

Handle one of these and then try an all plastic Robot Spirits -- its a let down.


JASON - If you do get it - post a review in the Dragonar thread - ! It needs some love . . .

Here is a cool version someone panel lined . . .


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