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1/60 Gun Straps - Few In Stock

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For anyone on the fence about purchasing these, let me tell ya, they are really nice and of good quality. They're almost a must buy for valks posed in either Gerwalk or Battroid.

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I'm gonna also vouch for these gun straps. They're a must have for displaying your VF-1 in battroid or gerwalk.

They just add that little extra touch that's missing.

I'm tempted to buy 1 more for my custom VF-1A low vis I plan to build since the gunpod will be light coloured instead of dark so it'll need its own gun strap. :p

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After Spanner and WMK-Jr place orders of 20 and 15 respectively, I forced myself to unpack the last piece of material and use it up.

I have a few left over. Anyone else you wants to grab them up, contact me.

* VF-1 Gun Pod Straps *

Over 350 sold.

On Straight Shooters List.

$9 each or 3 for $21 - FREE SHIPPING

Most orders ship same day . . . thx











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These look awesome! How are they attached?... Do you need to glue them on?

There are convenient slots provided in the gun pod.

I put a ring at each end of the strap that you pry apart, then insert into those slots, then clamp closed.

The strap is fully removable as well . . .

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With quick-release connectors!

I jest. Seriously, new straps would be amazing.

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