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Well, the 80s didn't look like that.

It's what people who weren't around in the 80's, think the 80's looked like. (though I will freely admit, I was totally ignorant of the "girl-power-glam-rock" scene at time, only listened to Van Halen and Bon Jovi etc)

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1988 (I'm in the Anthrax t-shirt)


1989 (Exodus t-shirt)


That was my 80's. Of course I've got a ton more, just not scanned.

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WTF IS THIS SH!T?!? The movie takes away everything that made Jem what it is: the secret identity, the holographic A.I., and most of all, The Misfits. It feels like a rejected script for the Hannah Montana movie. This makes the two G.I. Joe films look like The Godfather Parts I & II. Hell, it might actually make that Bratz movie watchable.

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