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FS: Yamato 1/60 SV-51A (brown), opened, no stand

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A few years ago, I won the Yamato SV-51A at the Otakon charity auction. I displayed it for a little while at work, and when I switched jobs, I brought it home and put it in storage. I haven't taken it out since, and it's been collecting dust in the box.

Comes with all parts, ready to look great on the shelf. The stand is AWOL. Not sure where it's at, but it wasn't in the box. I don't have the plastic inserts that hold it in place, but I will pack it extremely carefully - packing peanuts to hold the unit within the box, and the box will get air-packed/bubble-wrapped for security. The box has a damaged corner, but is otherwise in good shape.

Given the condition and market prices, I'm shooting for a quick sale at $160 plus actual cost of shipping + insurance to you. I will ship worldwide.

I know I'm a newbie on the forum but my Paypal account is verified, so you'll have buyer protection.

I'm open to reasonable offers, but no lowballs please.

Have some photos! I can take more if needed. Click for huge!




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