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Rare books - Macross, Mospeada, Megazone23, Gundam

Major Tom

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Macross Original Groundwork Illustrations $30each (2 sold), Yoshiyuki Takani Anime Illustrations $40, Macross Hobby Handbook (sold)

This is Animation Macross Data Collection part 1(red)&2(blue) set $50, (red) Part1 - sold, Macross Graffiti (sold), Macross II (sold)

This is Animation Macross DYRL $20 (1 sold), Macross SDF (3book set) sold

Animedia Special Mospeada Graffiti (sold), This is Animation Orguss part1&2 set $40, This is Animation Macross7 material (sold)

Model Graphic Oct 02 (Advanced Valkyrie in Action) $10 each, Model Graphic Jun 02 (A.V.I.A.) $10, Animec Magazine #29 $10, Out Magazine Oct 84 $15, Dengeki Selection Super Robots $15

Entertainment Bible - Studio Nue Mechanic Design Work part1&2 set (sold), Macross7 Trash part1&2 $10, Macross Encyclopedia $15, Macross Love Story $10, Do You Remember - Lynn Minmay $10, Haruhiko Mikimoto - Cell works $10

This is Animation The Wings of Honneamise $30each, B-club Special - Akira Mechanix 2019 $50each, B-club special - Megazone23 $30 (1 sold)

MS Wars - Gundam0083 $20 each, Gundam - Char’s Counter Attack cinema book $15each, Rapport Deluxe - Gundam 0083 stardust memory $20, Animedia Special Gundam Char’s Counter Attack $20, Newtype100% Victory Gundam part1$2 set $40

See books section for informations: http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/books/_books_menu.htm

(These books are considered to be vintage collectibles and good source for reference materials - all of these books are out of prints and probably will not get reprinted)

Shipping via media mail available within US.









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