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1:1 scale GALLANT H-90 pistol/rifle


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A friend of mine is an awesome Prop builder so I asked him to build the H-90 Gallant and to make it Modular as a one off for me.

I am aware of a project to make the Gallant for sale, however with import of RIFs to the UK, figured safer to just find a UK based builder.

So with a little artistic license, Rare Earth Magnets, a Very stable and solid modular GALLANT weapon.

Next step is now to find a Hard shell case for display/transport.

I do have plans for a CV-3 armour set too.




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I think a smaller person may find it easy. I am 6ft 6 with XL hands. So kinda of like LUNK. So weapons built for the average person do not always fit my hands as comfortable.

Still I am so Happy to finally have a Gallant Prop that is modular. Now the plan is to extend the range with more from the Macross/Mospeada/RT world.

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Exo need to get some of your SHAPEWAY goodies. BTW I was the one asking about 1/18th purely to customize with my CM Braves LOL
Though would love to see these done at 1/100 scale too if at all possible?

Doing the stock was the fun part. In the end I went with 15" long so should sit nicely in a shooters shoulder (does for me and I have it pulled in) so a smaller person would be more akin to your figure and the animated series.

Thank You for the very kind words.

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Ah! Cool. Yeah... at 1/18 it'd be totally way to much to print out. I'm already experiencing some thin walls at 1/72. I think 1/100 would be pushing it. I can certainly upload it but I can't guarantee a good print.

The stock too longest to model because the side didn't match the profile. It has that curves all around it and especially towards the back. At the end I could have just drawn the profile because at that scale no one was going to see the detail.



Can't wait to see the armor! Helmet is gonna be a bitch... lol. The gun looks great!

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I certainly am not afraid of a little clean up on the 1/100 CVR-3 troopers. Though hey who knows it may just work out ;)

Exo, You have plans to do cyclone with rider and maybe just the Cyclone. Again 1/100 I hope will be one of them ;)

The stock didnt help from the drawings above so as said measured my fore arm and went with the 15" and tbh I think it works a treat.

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