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Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015


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All joking aside, that would have been a cool addition.

Here's my short wish list of items that would have made this excellent release superb:

  • That shin pilot w/out a helmet
  • A complete sticker sheet with white numbers
  • A water slide decal sheet (I'm a fan of these too)
  • One or two additional armaments (I don't have either of Yamato's VF-0 releases)

It's a short list and I'm happy with what I have. I hope Arcadia starts adding goodies back in at some point.

Other than the decal sheet i would agree with all these :) I was a bit surprised there was less detail in the pilots too, but i guess the 19's a much more popular plane.

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Guest davidwhangchoi

Amiami keeps getting more stock in after they sold out. Won't be surprised if HLJ gets more stock in as well later on. Still available at both Amiami and Hobby Search, and one left at CDJapan, but Hobby Search is at full retail.

true, my contact ordered it fresh directly from arcadia just a few days ago and they sent it to him. hlj will prob get more.

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I received my 0D this past Saturday and mine has been extremely tight like all of the others have mentioned. So those that are in fear of the loose ankle joints need not fear. I'll have to scavenge my other zero toys to come up with the white stickers to replicate the OVA. Trying to resist temptation to double dip on the 0D, With the exception of the Arcadia yf-19,vf-4 and Bandai yf-30, I think this has been one of 4 best macros toys released in the past 4 years.

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This bird is just beautiful in any mode.


Stuck in customs. Wonder what nippon Yasan put on the declaration? Anyway by the time they get to delivery I'll be back at work. No fair.

I had the same thing happened to me with the VF-30. NY put too low price on the declaration paper. So I e-mailed customs the actual e-receipt.

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I haven't been on the board for a while, but wanted to chime in on my opinion about the VF-0D.

I received mine the other day I after a long layoff from buying any Macross stuff, and I am very happy with this purchase.

The level of detail for me is excellent, and I look forward to showing my co-workers who are into Anime this piece of art!

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Some $25.00 Target special that I stole from my kid. One of those deals with 5 little flexible arms. Only two bulbs on.

I suppose I meant the lightbulbs and not the lamp. But that pic right there is very aqua, quite a bit closer to the anime.

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