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Rewatching 7...Still hate Chie Kajiura's singing.


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The members who have been looking forward to the Valkyrie project's movies are now complaining about HG. I want to say I am sorry to hear that. But on the FB page of Robotech, a certain fan used the word "betray" in his comment about it.

I want to say to him, "wait, what are hell are you saying? They already betrayed BW, Nue, Kawamori, Mikimoto and so on about 30 years ago."

And those court cases. I wonder how many Robotech and Macross fans outside of Japan know those things.

That's how it is with HG. They were/ are betrayers of all time.

And not to speak of Tastunoko, too.

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(Long time no posts. I am binging on Macross again, and finally got around to watching the whole original series.) So, am watching 7 for the first time in... a long time... and I still hate Chie Kajiura's singing.

Am gonna see Chie tomorrow so I'll pass the message along ;-p

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