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Some of my stuff on offer...


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Clearing out some of the stuff I have, but before we start some prerequisite info:

- Payments are to be done with PayPal and in Euro (€) currency only
- I have sold here before and to my knowledge no negative feedback
- Unless otherwise stated all items have all accessories, manual and full sticker/decal sheet if they were included
- Further specifics or details will be mentioned with the item, if necessary
- If you want more pics of an item please ask, but I will not open new or MIB items
- Work can get in the way, so replies might take a day or two
- Please ask for shipping quotes
- As this is a private sale I cannot give any warranties or guaranties and there are no return policies, basically WYSIWYG

Bandai 1/100 VF Hi-Metal VF-19S 40.00 € (MISB)
post-4055-0-68155400-1402844209_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-71924800-1402844220_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-07493400-1402844232_thumb.jpg

Starcrafts Resin 1/1400 Constitution Class Refit 15.00 € (Used)

- Some initial work (filing) started a long time ago on the lower back side of the secondary hull, but has been put in the box ever since

post-4055-0-04147300-1387136540_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-60601700-1387136551_thumb.jpg

Alliance Resin 1/1400 Sovereign Class 55.00 € (MIB)

post-4055-0-14811500-1387137025_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-11110900-1387137036_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-94274400-1387137046_thumb.jpg

Bubblegum Crisis 2045 Tokyo (ADV, R1) 10.00 €

post-4055-0-98966900-1387137459_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-15179900-1387137473_thumb.jpg

Cowboy Bebop (Bandai Ent., R1) 12.00 €

post-4055-0-53935400-1387137764_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-00344300-1387137777_thumb.jpg

Princess Mononoke (Miramax, R1) + GitS (Manga, R2) + Street Fighter Alpha (Manga, R2) 6.00 €
post-4055-0-56523600-1387138030_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-85138500-1387138041_thumb.jpg

post-4055-0-29707900-1387138176_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-15090500-1387138188_thumb.jpg

post-4055-0-62928300-1387138262_thumb.jpg post-4055-0-40004600-1387138274_thumb.jpg


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