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1/285 scale Zentradi Scout


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I am working on this for the RPG tactics game and wanted to share here as well.

I wanted to create a ship piece of terain to be a landed scout ship, and or for space battles.

I asked around but desided to go with full size. Despite the very good reasons to make it 4 ft long.

To start I got The pink board and cut it into 2 ft wide sections.

I started with the layer at the middle of the engines being the main level covered the whole shape of the ship.


Stacking and glue the levels with White glue for long term hold with Hot glue for quick holding. Building up the layers for the enginges.


The double glue works well


Carve the sharp edges with a wonder cutter to smothe it out.


Get the general shape


Rough sanding gives nice curves. Be careful the edges of the sander will cut right through the pink board like butter if you hit the edge of it.


The fine sanding gives you a nice finish.


Wile using the extra bits for the sides definitly saves on how many sheets of stuff you need to buy the extra seams are a pain to work with.


Rear thrusters are done


Botom is roughed out


The bottom layer is attached with velcro for the crashed look and the free floating look more to follow on that.

I am learning so much with this one I think I might make this a prize if I can get the Big game together at the con in Feb. There is a local con in Valparaiso IN in Feb and I am hoping to be running a game there.

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Well I know it is not "right" but did you know in order to protect the shipyards for the emigration project they produced a line of Mini ARMD platofrms. yep they did I know cause I have one.

OCT121633.jpg yep minust that tower and with a UEDF kite in place of that Eagle. I have 67 now and am planning on picking up 76.

It is 3 ft long so not to scale as an ARMD platform but has a similar look. Well enough to use when grabed on clearance. I am picturing a doupble Gym at the Y used for two of these on Music stands and two of the Scouts maneuvering and launching

Squadrons of fighters.

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Alright Felinder, you're gonna need more than Captain America to protect your scout. The Daedalus is gunning for ya man! :lol: Seriously though, that looks cool! That is one nice work of foam! The good news is that the Zentraedi ships have rough surfaces so you won't have to smooth it out much. I can hardly wait to see this one done! Just keep your assistant away from the giant axe in the background :D Look forward to the update! - MT

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Well I got lots of attention at Articon here in Valparaiso IN. And lets just say when a member of the 501st in full fig walks up and says that is just awesome, you know you have done a good job.

I did shock one guy when at turn 4 I announced ok It has been 4 rounds I can fire my bombardment now wile patting my baby. :)


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