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Interview with May'n, the Galactic Fairy during AFAID 2013


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Once again fellow Macross fans, James Wong, Vanpang & Wai Ming managed to catch up with May'n-san, during AFA 2013 on 7th September 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Centre.

Due to the constraint of time and her busy schedule, we were given a limited number of questions to be put forward to her.

All her answers were conveyed to the Media in English through a translator and as such some content maybe lost in translation.



This being May’n first time performing in Indonesia under AFA, we decided to catch up with the ‘Galactic Fairy’ to see what she has installed for her fans in Indonesia.

We were quite lost after failing to attend the Press Conference and Artiste Interview at Senayan Plaza, Jakarta on the 5th of September after a series of unforseen disasters. But thanks to the folks of AFA, we were able to see and interview May’n on the 2nd day 7th of September 2013,

After a formal greeting, we quickly proceed to our questions as there was another media (Animax Indonesia) waiting to interview her.

Q : Let’s talk about your latest 2 singles : ‘Run Real Run’ and ’Vivid’. Can you tells a little about these two singles?

May’n : Run Real Run is the Opening song for the real life TV series ‘Real Onigokko THE ORIGIN’ released earlier part of this year and Vivid is the Opening Song for ‘Blood Lad’ an anime series which debut just recently.

Q: Between these 2 videos, Run Real Run seems to be physical demanding as we can see May’n san doing a lot of running. Was that difficult?

May’n : In the shooting of the video for ‘Run Real Run’, there are a lot of running scenes as it is a game of TAG. I’ve actually have no problem doing all the running scenes in the video because I like to run but the difficult part was, I was running with high heels shoes! (everyone laughed)

(Note : In the video we see only a few seconds of running but during actual shoot there’s a lot more and retakes but most ended not being used which is the usual case)

May’n : Meanwhile, VIVID is a cheerful song, so I try to maintain that cheerfulness in it and it was really fun doing that video.


Q : The first thing that caught my attention in the video was that outfit you were wearing.

May’n : Ah….yes. That outfit was specially made for me for that video shoot and when I first saw it I was really impressed!

We : Me too! When we first saw it was like WOW! (We all laughed)

Q : Let’s go back a little, ‘May’n Space’ is one of your popular songs. What goes into the making of this song?

May’n : May’n Space is a song with my name on it. Basically it talks about a place where all my fans can come together and do things together.

(Note : Lyrics : Mana Anju, Composed : Yoko Kanno, Arranged : Suzuki Masaya)

Q: Recently there is also a Facebook version called “May’n Space’, can you tell us something about it?

May’n : This is a place for my fans to post and exchange information and I also want them to interact with one another. I will sometimes write in English so that my other fans can also understand.

Just then, the Management informed us that this will be our last question for our session.

Q : This question, I think a lot of your fans would like to know. Being your first time in Indonesia, Jakarta. Had you the chance to taste some local cuisine?

May : I’ve managed to taste Satay (grilled skewed meat dipped in a special peanut sauce) and Nasi Goreng (fried rice in light soya sauce with vegetables, egg and some meat) . It taste almost the same like Malaysian food but spicier.


That was all the time we had with May’n san, we thanked her for taking time off her busy schedule to meet with us, her manager and staff of AFA for arranging this meeting. May’n performance on stage was yesterday 6th September and she performed 8 songs including both Run Real Run and Vivid..

Later that today, 7th September May’n appeared together with the other singers that performed with her (Eir Aoi (Fate Zero and SAO) and Aya Hirano (of Haruhi Suzumiya fame) on the event stage and announced that next year her world tour will include Indonesia, much to the delight of her Indonesian fans.(She also mentioned Malaysia during her Animax performance in Malaysia)

Special Thanks goes to Shawn Chin, Aiko, Tuea Chun Kah of Anime Festival Asia and Mr Helmi Sugara of Helmi Sugara Promotions for arranging and assistance for the interview.


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Been meaning to post this but was busy at something else. This is the site I mentioned during the interview. This one is really fun because it's opened and you can freely see other fan's post and vote. Lots of photos by the manager (most of which you have not seen before including some really funny ones candidly shot by staff) There are also polls which you can take part (some unfortunately badly translated until you can't understand). But best of all, The Galactic Fairy herself asks for your opinion and leaves 'thank you' notes in your private folder! : D


Create account to join!

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