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OK guys talk me into 1 Piece


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I have been contemplating giving One Piece a viewing. It won't be now, but I expect sometime maybe around end of October or so. Keep in mind I said *contemplating*, because I just don't know if I can swallow those ridiculous, zany and goofy character designs and art style. I attempted to watch this show way back a few years ago on Cartoon Network and was extremely put off by both the character designs and the English dub. However, many people claim the story and plot more than make up for its shortcomings. Is this really true?

Basically I'm asking, from a serious skeptic, why should I give One Piece a chance? For reference, I love the DB and DBZ to death.

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One Piece is easily in my top 5 anime maybe even shows of all time. Now the problem I and many others have is the beginning is the weakest part of the show and not just the beginning but the first 30 episodes. But unlike other crazy long running shonen series like bleach, Naruto, DBZ etc. I find One Piece has maintained its quality for the last 600~ episodes which I believe is in thanks to its story and characters. One Piece while still having lots of fighiing doesn't focus on it nearly as much as DBZ, Naruto and Bleach and much like the Original Dragonball its more about the wacky adventures the lovable cast gets caught up in. So if you can get through the first 2 story arcs and can get to Arlong Park and Nami's story I think most people will fall in love with the show, if not well then I don't think the show is for you.

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It is worth it. It is one of the longest running animes and it actually has a plot... a very slow moving general plot but so chuck full of little plots and mini plots and individual plots that you are alwyas finding something new about the One Piece world or about a character in particular,

The themes are fun and friendship and that’s what you will always find. There are moments were you will laugh your ass off. But there are some very VERY serious moments here and there so don't take it as an easy.

I once read a line that described the series something like this: One Piece is a series that gets you so involved that you find yourself crying for the fate of a ship.

If you like DBZ, you will like the battles. And they keep getting better and better. Right now the power levels of the Straw Hats and their rivals is crazy but nobody is ever invincible.

Do skip the filler episode arc except for the "G-8 Arc".

You could also read the manga if you want to go faster. Sometimes they drag certain scenes and fights in the animation.

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