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Maschinen Krieger or Ma.K (formally SF3D) Model Kits

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Hey gang:

I know many of you guys are familiar with Ma.K kits and some of the great painters who build them. I learned much more about them more recently and was blown away by how awesome some of the kits are, plus how talented many of the painters are.

Many of the hardware and metal painting techniques of course are applicable not just to Ma.K, but to any vehicle model and of course figures and bases that have parts conveying metal.

The following link provides a nice summary on Ma.K kits with some great pictures: http://jerseyfestfair.com/?page_id=2787


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Haha, yeah.

I love MAK, always thought of it as a ww2/future look.

Most of the gear& craft would get tore up by something like a vf..

Although the Griffon hover craft & the lunar Diver are way bad a$$:)

Some of the best painters& builders work on MAK & it shows:)

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