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Bandai Renewals, Yamatos, other anime/game figures for sale. Selling o

Lupin The Third

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For a number of reasons, though mostly because I’m moving on to other things, I am clearing out a huge portion of my collection including all of my Bandai Renewal Valks, some Yamatos, and some other Anime/Game related items. All of the following are for sale and include free shipping in the continental US via UPS Ground with Signature Confirmation and Declared Value Coverage. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside of the US let me know where you are and I will provide shipping options for you.

Item condition is indicated next to each item; virtually everything is brand new and/or never displayed. Due to the massive amount of discussions here on the forums regarding missing parts with Bandai releases some of my Valks have been opened and inspected to check for things like missing wheels, hands, bent/broken antenna, missing nipple guns (VF-171s), etc. These pieces are listed as New/Inspected below and have never been transformed or displayed. All external parts are confirmed to be present and intact. All of their additional parts such as hands, gunpods, antenna, etc are still sealed in their original poly bags.

As much as I like these pieces I just don’t have the ability to display them and won’t for the next several years if ever so it just makes sense for someone else to enjoy them rather than them remain sealed in their shipping boxes.

Payment via Paypal , you may mark as a gift or add the additional 4% to cover paypal fees; whichever you prefer. I have never sold here on Macrossworld, however payment will be received by my business account whose feedback you can check on both Ebay and Amazon.

More items to be added as I have the time and pics to follow as well. I am pricing these based on recent sold prices on ebay and elsewhere, not the crazy “I want $500+” nonsense that we’ve seen over the last year, and I have done my best to ask for fair prices for what are brand new items that I often had to pay well over retail to obtain (thanks Nippon Yasan!). Well...ok, the Low Vis is kind of up there, but I'm not parting with that lovely except to a serious collector. That said, feel free to contact me with any fair offers or if I have missed the mark too much on an asking price.

For Sale:

Yamato Valks:

SV-51 Ivanov New/Sealed $400 (SV-51 is still in it's original shipping container from Twin Moons Anime whom I ordered the piece from. It has never even been removed from it's bubblewrap and you can see the images of this below. Hence the seemingly random cardboard box photo below.) SALE PRICE $350

VF-1A Low Visibility Limited Edition 1/48 New/Sealed $500 SALE PRICE $400

VT-1 Super Ostrich & VE-1 Elint Set V1 New/Sealed $400 SALE PRICE $350

And that's all the Yammies I'm willing to part with at the moment. Sorry but the SDF and VF-4 aren't going anywhere, lol. Pics coming in a day or so when I have time.

Bandai Renewal Valks:

VF-171 Alto New/Inspected Pefect $230 - 2 units available SALE PRICE $200

VF-171 CF New/Inspected Perfect $180 - 2 units available SALE PRICE $160

RVF-25 Renewal New/Sealed $200 - 2 units available SALE PRICE $175

Other figures:

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Armored Core Set New/Sealed $100 SALE PRICE $85

Tekkaman Blade Figma New/Sealed $50 – 2 units available

Space Adventure Cobra Figma Cobra & Lady Set New/Sealed $125 – 2 sets available SALE PRICE $100

Kurumu Kurono 1/7 Black Version Figure by Orchid Seed New/Sealed $150 SALE PRICE $120

Kurumu Kurono 1/7 Red Version Figure by Orchid Seed New/Sealed $100 SALE PRICE $85

Odin Sphere SIF EX Velvet 1/6 Figure by Yamato New/Sealed $120 SALE PRICE $100

Muramasa Kongiku 1/6 Figure by Alter New/Sealed $140 SALE PRICE $125

Muramasa Momohime 1/8 Figure by Alter New/Sealed $120 SALE PRICE $100

All prices include free UPS Ground shipping with Signature Confirmation and Value Coverage for the continental US. Revoltechs and Figmas shipped free but may be shipped via USPS Priority Mail if more cost effective due to their smaller size. Outside of the continental US feel free to contact for shipping quotes.

I will be updating over the next week or so with more Valks and other figures/collectibles as I can work through the boxes of my collection.


VF-25F Renewal New/Sealed $200 (Small ding on back right upper corner-see pic below, otherwise perfect, sealed condition)(SOLD)

YF-29 30th Anniversary New/Inspected Perfect $280 (Minor box damage in upper back corner-will update with pics) (SOLD)

YF-29 New/Inspected Perfect $350 (SOLD)

VF-25F Renewal New/Inspected Perfect $180 (SOLD)

VF-25F Super Parts New/Sealed $140 (SOLD)

YF-27 Renewal New/Sealed $250 (SOLD)

VF-171 Alto New/inspected Missing 1 chest cannon, recommended as a parts Valk or replacement for anyone needing a new, prefect condition Alto that could simply remove the missing chest cannon from another piece to add to this one thus creating a mint condition, untransformed 171 Alto. $120 (SOLD)

Revoltech Metal Gear Solid Snake New/Sealed $45 (SOLD)
















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