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this is honestly kind of weird to me. I had no idea there was significant demand for high end Lost Planet toys but apparently there is because last month 3A put up for pre-order a Lost Panet 2 mercenary figure almost out of nowhere


as well as previewed a couple mech suits they planned to release latter this year in 1/12 scale.


IIRC 3.75 inch figures are 1/18 scale, correct?

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Is this toy line vaporware? I used to bug these guys on their facebook page, which is all but abandoned now.

EDIT: Apparently I was on the wrong Toy Notch facebook page. Their last update was late December.

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I didn't even know what Lost Planet was until I came across this thread.

But I do love powered armor with pilots. Displaying both together lends the figures a great sense of scale that you can't get by just displaying the mecha alone.

My wallet's not going to like this.

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