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Arcadia: 1/60 VF 1S Roy Focker Special Movie Ver


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Noticed some people don't have this mold yet. Even though the prices have gone up, get it! You won't care about screws or what color they are. This is still the best vf-1 mold out there. I love all 9 or 10 of my vf-ones'. Would have bought more if I could.

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Something went wrong with them on my phone. I made an account and put it in my cart with the intention of finishing the transaction when I got to work just an hour later. Well when I get to work there is no account with my email. Even though when I back up on my phone it shows my name and the item in my cart. So I'm thinking in my sleepy stupor I forgot the password I just made so I request it get sent to my email.....nope. And of course it's out of stock now. Oh well, I placed the order with HLJ. I've made a few transactions with them now that were flawless so screw it. Would have been nice to save 20 bucks but oh well.

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