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Hello MW!

Hopefully nobody minds if I just start up this thread to capture my progress as I delve into the scifi genre a little more and give my newly acquired Macross models some love.

I started the Hasegawa Spacewolf model in 1/72 back on the 'What lying on your workbench...' thread and figured I would give it a home of it's own.

The Hasegawa kit, for those interested, practically falls together. It was a headache free, simple build that would see little weathering or preshading as I intended to display it in a cross over scheme as a Macross realm prototype. Purists may hate it, and Harlock fans may shake their fists... but I just had to do it. I mean, come on! - the decal sheet sports skull squadron markings!

Here's some pics of my build so far. I meant to keep this build light and easy, but I still needed to resolve how to arm it with a large calibre gatling gun as promised in the other thread. I resorted to casting the barrel end of the riptide kit from Games Workshop/Citadel and it fit really nicely on the sawed off intake trunk.

I chose the red/black scheme as a bastardization (I've come this far right?) of the orange test schemes we see in history. I figured the white decals will really make for a striking contrast once they're applied.

I shaved all the elongated aerodynamic bits off the wing tips and rudders. That aspect of the kit was cool and all, but didn't appeal to me.

The burner can and gatling gun received a light gun metal finish and eventually the whole model will have a panel line wash with promodeler product.

The cockpit area will remain black, with no fanfare or extra detailing via paints. At this scale it's a bonus to have knobby things included but once that canopy is installed you can forget seeing it from inside my display case.

I chose this tamiya yellow green for my interior coatings, like the WW2 chromate used in that period. I felt it was fitting as so much of this aircraft feels inspired by the planes of the age. I did the landing gear in the same color and then washed the items and bays with citadel's badab black wash thinned with plain old water. It settles nicely and is a worry free detail aid.

Under wing hard points are intended for big, clumsy looking drop tanks. I intend to attach some Macross goodies once they arrive in the mail and I've had a chance to duplicate them.

Enjoy... C+C welcome.


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The shape of the wings look more like the corsair of ww2. Maybe a nvay sea blue would give it that nolstagic look. If I am not mistaken, they also had the skull and cross bones flag on the cowl. I will shake my fist, and scorn you for doing this, but, i Love it

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Hello MW,

In case any of you were watching this build, I have some progress to report:

I have decal work done and pictures to show you. One caveat though; I am using a 40" LED tv as my monitor at the moment due to a sudden necessary change in hardware... therefore it is very hard for me to audit my photography for quality. If the images are crap, I apologize.


I wanted to use as much common iconography as possible to bridge the gap between the Macross World and Captain Harlock. I used only decals supplied with the kit, luckily there were some that I think did the trick.


Nothing major here except an alternate view.


Detailing with washes turned out to be difficult and not all that convincing. I usually have pretty decent luck with said process, but I think I applied too much of the Tamiya flat red to get the coverage I needed. Lesson learned I guess. I'll have to resort to pencil lining in lieu of promodeller wash this time around. If anyone has any different ideas about what I can try then please don't be shy! :)


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For panel lines, you can use various different techniques. First, protect the existing paint with either a gloss, or flat finish. Then you can proceed to either do a wash on the panel lines, or paint them in by hand. I prefer a wash. Much easier, and it is more convincing than the perfect look of inked panel lines.

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I ended up getting time to work on my spacewolf macross-over project:





I used a bummy grey primer which left a terrible grain on the model. It was a bit of a head banging experience but at least I know now that the primer I used belongs in the garbage.

I used a variety of panel lining techniques to experiment and cope with stubbly surface texture, which didn't settle down after sanding lightly or future coats. I used wash, tech pen, and finally a small graphic pen. I'm trying out some different photographic methods so don't judge me too harshly on the quality please!

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Thanks, both of you. :)

I'll duly post better pics of this when my wife shows me how to operate her camera properly, and I will be posting my progress with my VF-27 Beta which I started this afternoon. Boy is it a new experience, my first Bandai kit of this style.

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I started Bowman's YF-21 from the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, which I think I'll paint as a Max version. I really like the idea of the grey scheme used in the moon shooters release but I feel like it makes for a pretty boring battroid when you plunk it next to VF-11's and other low-viz examples (which I prefer to the demonstrators).

So here is my progress on a VF-22:



The only real major seam to clean up in on the exposed fuselage ahead of where the inlet is.



The port inlet is just sitting there, but you can see that gap behind where the wing root (fast pack?) meets the inlet.

Overall this kit pretty well fell together, not too many fit issues considering the somewhat unorthodox construction process. The subassemblies are heaven sent though, being able to paint them separately is nice. :)

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If you're going to use the clear pieces for the wingtip lights on the -21, be sure to cut out the space while holding the clear part on the wing. If you cut by going with the lines already marked on the part, you're going to end up with a space about twice the size of the clear part.

Personal experience here.

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Thanks guys for the moral support.

If you're going to use the clear pieces for the wingtip lights on the -21, be sure to cut out the space while holding the clear part on the wing...

Thanks for the heads up, Jefuemon. :) I think I'm going to take the easy way out and paint them with a coating of window making glue.

I got out my airbrush (not really, it's always out) and fired on a base coating of a dark blue to add some depth to the finished product. I followed that with a lighter blue which I determined was a good proxy from what I could see here:


Thank you very much for the awesome Library of reference material. :)


I posed the unpainted gun next to the YF-21 model for contrast, in the event it didn't look painted.



I did some subtle streaking on the wings to either represent stress in the flexible wings or inter-atmospheric wearing. It may not be visible in these pics but hopefully will be emphasized later as I get to panel fading and weathering.



I love that the detail in the Hase' kit stands out more with a coat of matte paint on it. This should really capture some panel line wash (on the way from the far east).


And here's the paint I used. Thinned down with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and Future, 1:1:1 with paint. I shot it at various pressures ranging from 15 through 40 PSI.

More to come.

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The Spacewolf came out great, what happened to the drop tanks?

I remember that seam on the fuselage and the wings gave me some trouble, but it was on a 1/72 VF-22S.

I suggest you have a look at WM Chen fantastic YF-21 build. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?act=ST&f=23&t=1457

Will you go with the 22S Max scheme or something slightly different since it's a YF-21? Nice build none the less!

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Thanks V-A, The drop tanks won't be making an appearance on this airframe... I plan on sticking some Hasegawa missile boxes to it, or maybe those large white ones with the yellows tips. Reaction warheads???

I've been reading William's logs pretty much exclusively for reference but I am no master. They do however, serve as a goal to aim for. :)

I'll do the Max scheme to the best of my ability, The only thing I foresee being an issue is the canopy, but I do have a backup plan for that: dremel down that hump inside the forward area that would normally be blanked off and mask the pattern you'd see on a VF-22.

Question about the Max scheme: Would the airframe exhibit wear like a front line Valk would? I am wondering about paint chipping and oil streaks etc. I just don't know enough about Jenius' character to decide if he was OCD about maintaining his rides.

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...I'd go with the shiny new paint style.

Folding into combat is pretty...badass. :) I'll have to finally watch all the episodes and follow on movies some time soon. I think I got into double digit episodes before I had spiritia fatigue.

Thanks for the advice.

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Guys... just got this in the mail yesterday from a fellow in-Province. I am pretty pumped as this is my first 'toy' purchase. I am well aware that this isn't really in the same class as lets say... the Arcadia 1/60 VF-19P but it is still exciting as I have some naughty plans for this and a Hasegawa YF-19... want to do a custom model and paint it in the Bird of Prey scheme. :ohmy:




Thanks for tuning in! I'll try and post updates as I go, but sometimes it's hard to capture progress in an organic situation like a mod of this magnitude!

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