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Need advice on DX YF-29 repair


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I recently damaged my YF-29 toy, specifically, I broke off the left arm/shoulder where it directly attaches to the main body via the L-shaped hinge. The hinge itself did not break, instead the small plastic extension that the screw goes into.

Is there a glue or other bonding agent would recommend using for repair?

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This is a high-stress area due to the rotation and the small surface area of plastic that was broken off.

That is one nasty break. I assume that when you try to remove the screw it just spins the broken off plastic plug as well right?

The hardest part of this repair is getting that little plastic extension off the screw without damaging it further.

Just glue alone won't be a lasting repair. You'll need to reinforce it with something. Typically what I'd do is after getting the extension off is to glue it on with super glue and then figure out how to reinforce it.

Dunno if there's enough clearance, but drilling at least 2 small holes through the extension and into the bottom plastic and gluing in two pins / paperclips cut to size would do the trick. However, I don't have my YF-29 on me to take apart so I don't know how much clearance there would be for that. (it's heavily dependent on the thickness of the plastic that was broken off.

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