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Mechapilot77's FOR SALE thread - Macross, TF, etc. I'll keep


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updating as i go along.

Unless otherwise noted, Prices INCLUDE shipping to lower 48 states in USA with tracking and Insurace. Add 4% for Paypal fees or send as gift. Also please note I do NOT ship internationally as its a real PITA for me to do so. Sorry.


#M2 Bandai Robot Spirits Queadluun Rare (note this is the red one, not the green one) MISB $20

New #M6 Max Factory Sheryl Nome Figure MISB $100 (this one has a HUGE box so free shipping makes this a steal!)
VF-0A "unknown soldier" (aka NOT the Shin release) - figure has been on display but never transformed from fighter mode. Box is excellent condition. Comes complete with instructions box etc. - $210 $185

SPT Layzner

Bandai chogokin soul spec xs-02 original release. MISB but box has some wear to it $120

Bandai chogokin soul spec Mark II (the one that transforms) MISB , box in excellent condition. Comes with brown "shipper box "too, although that seal is broken while product box is not and still sealed $150


V#1: Dream EX DIE CAST SERIES F-01 Voltron GORAION MISB. . (This is an awesome diecast SD version of Lion Voltron!!) $80 $75

Transformers and 3rd party transforming toys

I gear raptor skywind or thunderwraith excellent condition, complete with box and instructions. transformed once and displayed $77 EACH

2. Hasbro Transformers Generations Wheeljack + Hasbro Transformers Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks + Hasbro Transformers Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz + Hasbro Transformers Generations Junk Heap- All- Mint on Sealed Card (MOSC) - $50 for all 4!!

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