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I would like to sell or trade my Yamato 1/60 VF-11C with Super Parts. This is the same toy that has been featured on anymoon. It's in like new condition although it has been transformed two or three times. Never displayed, returned promptly to its box. I would like $old plus shipping and fees OR I will trade for transformers masterpiece figures.

1) Takara MP-1
2) Takara MP-1B Nemesis Prime

3) Takara MP-1L Last Shot Prime
4) Takara MP-2

5) Hasbro MP-3 Walmart Starscream
6) Takara MP-3 US version Starscream
7) Takara MP-4
8) Takara MP-4S Sleep Mode Prime

9) Takara MP-6 Skywarp
10) Takara MP-7 Thundercracker
11) Takara MP-8 Grimlock
12) Hasbro MP-8 Grimlock
13) Takara MP-8X King Grimlock

14) Takara MP-09 V1
15) Hasbro MP-09
16) Takara MP-09B Nemesis Rod
17) Takara MP-09 V2 Hot Rod 2.0

18) Takara MP-11 Starscream Coronation
19) Takara MP-11S Sunstorm Coronation

20) Takara MP-12 Lambor
21) Takara MP-13 Soundwave
22) Takara MP-14 Alert

23) Takara MP-15 Rumble/Jaguar

24) Takara MP-16 Frenzy/Buzzsaw


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Everyone I appreciate the offers to trade that are coming in but there are a couple items I'm seeing popping up that I want to clarify:

1) This VF-11C is like new (100% complete, no stickers applied). I'm only interested in trading for Transformers that are in the same condition. They can be opened, transformed a few times, but are now back in their box, no stickers applied, and 100% complete.

2) I've now gotten several offers to trade straight-up for Soundwave. Soundwave is being issued by Hasbro in July and is being reissued by Takara so I can get him for $170 shipped so you'd need to bring another $140 in items to the table.

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I've been selling some toys recently that I don't necessarily want to let go of but just don't have the space for. I'm going to try to stay true to owning one of each mold. So, I'm keeping my 11B and letting go of my 11C, mainly because I'm more of a Mac+ fan. Having four of something? That's well beyond my storage capacity.

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