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Satellite Reign - Spiritual Successor to Syndicate

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How many people here were fans of Bullfrog's Syndicate or Syndicate Wars?

For me, it was one of the first games I ever played on the Amiga 500 that just sucked me into a world of cyberpunk and espionage - loved the atmosphere, music and feel of the game.

So - long story short, my friends have put together a Kickstarter (went live yesterday) to fund the spiritual successor to Syndicate and Syndicate Wars - they're all going to be made redundant by August (game dev studio closing down, I worked with them at a previous game dev - when that also closed down several years ago), and they've even got one of the original creators on the team as well as the original sound designer and composer of they reach a certain goal - check out the link below and see what you think - hey even pledge a bit of change if u wanna see it become a reality!

Even if they weren't my buddies - I'd still get this game :3


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So they reached their funding about 3 weeks ago - couldn't be happier and proud of my mates. I met one of them today while out for lunch and he told me they're looking a few final places for office space, sorted out hardware and some logistics - seeing some lawyers and all that jazz - so they'll be starting soon!

I can't wait to see the progress myself - It's pretty impressive what they've done so far with no money, so will be interesting to see what they will do with some cash.

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Hey everyone, there's a early wip of the game up:

I've luckily been asked to do some freelance work on the game for the next couple of months, working on weapons and vehicles, you can see (only) one of the dozen or so weapons I've made so far halfway through the video, the heavy plasma.

Stay tuned for a lot more content and polish over the next few months!

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Still very early stages yet, but we are working on making it delicious.

I can't reveal what weapons will or won't be in there, but I can say that there has been careful consideration as well as concepts up to the wazoo, and now I'm carefully making them and tweaking them further so that each class of weapon has a distinct look and feel and also a clear design motif and lineage from the pistols all the way up to the larger weapons.

I'll update here with more as I get approval.

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