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Komilia Jenius vs. Lott Sheen


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Komilia Jenius vs. Lott Sheen- 2054

In the Macross New Horizon roleplay, Lott Sheen and Komilia Jenius (from Macross 2036) appear as they would in the canon series, had they been created for it. Macross 2036, being the prequel to Macross II was not deemed canon, having Komilia being born 10 years later than she was in the TV series, and Lott as of yet has not been shown in the canon timeline. However, these two characters appear in their 40s-50s as commanders of both the UN Spacy Fighter Command (Komilia) and the Anti-United Nations forces (Lott), whereas in Macross 2036, they were squadronmates of around 16 and 17.

The two craft featured in this image are Komilia’s VF-19S Excalibur, used heavily by Emerald force in “Macross 7”, and Lott’s SV-52 Eagle II, which is a development of the SV-51 of “Macross Zero” fame. It is upgraded with modern engines and avionics among several other upgrades, and is frequently used for air racing in “Macross The Ride”. Lott, looking for a new personal fighter, modified one of the finely tuned racers for combat and uses it to great effect against the UN Spacy and it’s more modern variable fighters.

More information on the fan versions of Komilia and Lott:


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So you've come up with these plots and some of these other mecha yourself for the purposes of this rpg?

I didn't myself, that was what other players had come up with. I just sorta...Drew it because it's a cool concept

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