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StormShadow0621 (Ongoing Sale Thread)


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Need money for Optimus Prime purchase....getting there :)

Note on pricing:
I try to price items cheaper than ebay, rather you guys / gals get the savings than ebay through their high fees. But I can only wait so long before I need some spending money, so act fast if you want something.

As always, buyer pays for shipping and I accept paypal (gift option or you can pay the + 4.3% (looks like paypal fees went up))

(Buy more for discounts)

MISB / MOSC => Brand New
MIB => Opened to check contents, may have been displayed but never played with (see description)
Complete => This has been displayed / handled / transformed multiple times...but everything is there (see description)

InComplete => Missing box or accessories (see description)
Note: Boxes may not be perfect since most of my stuff are shipped to me and already come dented...

GI Joe


30th Sky Striker $30 (MISB)

25th Ram Cycle / Trouble Bubble $20 (New...box has dents)

25th Fang / Claw $20 (New...box has dents)

25th Comic Pack (Crimson Guard / Cobra officer) $11 (MOSC)

Target Hiss Tanks (Blue) (x3) $15 each (Complete...no box)


Mastermind Creations Super Nova $360 (MISB)

Mastermind Creations Awakening $140 (MIB)

Hasbro Masterpiece 20th Anniverary Optimus Prime (Original Release, upgraded with long smokestacks) $100 (Complete, no box)

add the MP-04 Trailer for total $200 (Complete, no box)

Music Label Soundwave (Black) $60 (MIB)
Commemorative Sideswipe $30 (MISB)
G1 Shockwave (KO) $60 (MIB)

Box ain't great...but toy has only been transformed a couple of times. Originally one of the knees were loose so I fixed it by tightening the screw and applying nail polish. Don't need it since I have Quakewave

CHUG Battle in Space $20 (MISB)

iGear Faith Leader 2nd Release with additional head and cape $120 (MIB)

Human Alliance Jazz (not a KO, original) $55 (MISB)

X-TRANSBOT XP-1 Upgrade Kit (Silver thighs) (MIB) + KO Construticons $35

Movie Leader Bumblebee (Complete, no box) $20

Movie Leader Sentinel Prime (Complete, no box) $20

Movie Leader Ironhide (Complete, no box) $25

(All three Movie Leaders for $60)


V1 DX RVF-25 w/Super Parts $120 (MIB, box not perfect) (in ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/DX-Chogokin-Macross-Frontier-RVF-25-Messiah-Valkyrie-Bandai-/171178354843?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27db06689b)

V1 DX VF-25G w/Super Parts $130 (MIB, box not perfect) Comes with 2 sniper rifles. SOLD

V1 DX VF-27 Lucifer $120 (MIB) SOLD

Pink paint on nosecone removed as it was chipped.

V2 DX RVF-25 $170 (MISB)

V2 DX VF171 CF $155 (MISB)


Intuos 4 Medium Pro Pen Tablet (MIB, only took it out and made sure it connected to my PC, never used) $250
Hori Real Arcade Pro (HRAP) PS3 Joystick (modded with Sanwa buttons and bat top, rarely used) $88
PSP 1000 JPN White (Custom Firmware, rarely used, complete) $57








Will post more in the next few days....

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On the image with the Lucifer in Fighter-Mode you see the recessed area on the nosecone that looks like a triangle and is surrounded by the dark maroon paint (the one with the rhombus in the middle). On a stock toy this area would be painted in the light pink color (sans the rhombus).

The color on the Bandai Frontier Valkyries is very prone to paint chipping and a (common) issue on the VF-27 was that large chunks of paint would peel of in this area because during the transformation the chest armor and the base of the head turret would scrape it. So he removed the rest of the pink paint and now this area is completely in the main color of the Valkyrie.

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