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Arcadia YF-19 coming in 2014


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and back then the exchange rate was what? 85 yen per US dollar or less? Yen rate has a lot to do with pricing. Now with the yen rate dropping against other currencies, prices are bound to go up. They don't pay the Chinese factories in yen, you know......

But we will be paying in Yen, so that price should still stay low or remain constant even if the numerical value is higher.

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Yeah but they raise the yen value of the item to match the general exchange rate

So they end up getting the same amount if cash.

If during 1$= 100 yen and item was 25,000 yen = 250 USD

Then 1$ = 86 yen then the item gets sold at 29,000 yen to = 250 USD

The exchange rate only helps on goods that have old pricing.

As companies make new products, they just raise the yen value

To equalize the Internation exchange rates.

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Exactly. YF-19 is going to be around the same price as VF-4G.

I got the VF-4G from HLJ for 25,700 yen, with 2,900 yen EMS shipping, which at 83 yen per dollar at the time equaled to $344.89 USD.

With the YF-19 likely going to be around 30,000 yen at pre-order price, we're looking at very similar price range with a lot more accessories.

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Leaded paint is superior---I wish more "things not intended to be licked" used it. These are for adults, not kids.

I also feel the same about solder. Ever since they banned lead solder it seems solder jobs are more fragile and break down easier. Especially on BGA chip packages sigh.

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Guest davidwhangchoi

Arcadia tweeting that preorders for the YF-19 may come very soon.

please i need to pre-order one from a pay now place so i can lock in the yen rate in case it goes sour. the second pre-order i can wait on till next april

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Wow, they were right that High Speed mode transformation is far more simple then expected. I'm still worried it makes the wings more brittle though.

Kind of amazing how it can look so different in some respects and still obviously borrow a good chunk of components from the VF-19's.

Too bad the Gun Pod still doesn't sit straight though.

Based on how much they've reused and how those feet look it's safe to say I'm not going to be happy with Gerwalk, however.

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