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Been working on the 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package for the past two days. The only stickers I used are the eyes and camera lenses. Also painted the Mega Beam Rifle to the anime-accurate white and green colors. Just some additional touch-ups and it should be done over the weekend.




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Sorry, but I don't have one of those.

Upon completing the Zaku Amazing, I realized that something was missing. As it turns out, unlike the Build Strike Gundam Full Package and Build Gundam Mk-II, the Zaku Amazing does not come with a Booster unit. Instead, you have to buy the Amazing Booster kit. It's basically the Zaku Amazing's armor parts and weapons strapped to a giant chunk of plastic to form a maroon and gray spaceship. There are also some extra parts that make good use of the armor panels. For example, the shoulder armor can be converted into gauntlets, the missile launcher and Heat Nata holders can combine into a shield, and the leg parts can be used as rocket boosters for other Gunpla. Definitely worth picking up.


Thanks for the info! I was wondering about that myself

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The MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package is hitting stores on January 2014 for ¥4,200. Compared to the HG kit, the Build Booster has a slightly different design, as do the shoulders.





MG 1/100 Build Strike Gundam Full Package

Also available will be the HG Star Build Strike Gundam (¥1,400).






HG 1/144 Star Build Strike Gundam

And the HG Kämpfer Amazing (¥1,890) looks stunning. Can't wait for the MG version.




HG 1/144 Kämpfer Amazing

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A couple of new Gunpla have been previewed online. Possibly the sub-bosses that Sei and Reiji must face in the final tournament.


Gundam Exia Dark Matter - Could this be Bandai's answer to the fan-made Gundam 00 Qan[T] 26 Sword?


Miss Sazabi - A female Sazabi? And with a whopping price of ¥3,150, one must wonder what it will come with (other than a "Sweet Sword", a "Sweet Shield", and a display stand).

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Just finished assembling the Sengoku Astray Gundam. Without a doubt, it is the coolest-looking Gunpla in the series. Haven't gotten around to testing the poseability yet, other than the shoulder armor that transforms into the extra arms. Aside from the eyes, I opted not to use any of the cheesy foil stickers (shame on whoever uses them on the Samurai Swords).

The Sengoku Astray is currently in the process of final detailing, but here's a pic.



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I have never been in to these Yugioh/Poke battle type shows, but for some reason I am really enjoying this show. I think it's the fact that we can see a wide range of different mobile suites battling each other. I know they are aiming at a younger audience to gather more interest in to gunpla and it's all marketing, but it is done well. I feel it is a better attempt to get the younger crowd into Gundam than Age was.

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